LG SIGNATURE Presents Exquisite Art Installation At Milan Design Week 2019

LG SIGNATURE hosted an exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019, showcasing the uncompromising style and advanced functionality of the brand's innovative products. Making its European debut and captivating visitors with its changeable form factor, the groundbreaking LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) served as the centerpiece of a stunning art installation named 'Redefining Space.'

Developed in collaboration with acclaimed British architecture and industrial design firm, Foster + Partners, the two-story installation highlighted LG SIGNATURE's unrivalled blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance. Anchored by the world's first rollable TV, the artwork explored new concepts of spatial integration, combining image, light and sound to create a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience. As part of design week, the 65R9 was also seamlessly merged with an icon of modern furniture: the Basilica Table by design legend, Mario Bellini. Originally produced by Cassina in 1977, the table was reimagined and updated by Bellini and LG SIGNATURE to accommodate the unique OLED TV R.

The exhibition also allowed visitors to see the full range of sleek, minimalist LG SIGNATURE products in a premium lifestyle setting. Complementing the refined OLED TV were the latest LG SIGNATURE refrigerator, washing machine, air purifier and the soon-to-be-launched wine cellar. Equipped with Auto Lift Drawer for easy access and the Multi Temperature Control, which ensures the ideal conditions for different varieties of wine, the exclusive LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar is the perfect storage solution for connoisseurs and collectors.

Additionally, a panel comprising brand ambassadors Stefan Diez and Hadi Teherani, and representatives from LG, discussed how technology is redefining interior design and the important role and influence of LG SIGNATURE in this shift. The informative talk was moderated by Alba Cappellieri, the Director of the Fashion Design Degree at the Politecnico di Milano.

"Innovation is the key to creating connections that were previously unthinkable," said Stefan Diez, internationally renowned industrial designer. "LG SIGNATURE products are innovative by nature. Going beyond mere functionality, they elevate any space with superior aesthetics and connect people to their environment in new ways."

"Today, we value the essentials – and this extends to both form and function," added award-winning architect, Hadi Teherani. "Stripping something back to only that which is necessary is fundamental to good design. LG SIGNATURE really succeeds in this and in delivering maximum usability and everyday convenience."

The LG representatives on the panel also shared their insight and vision for LG SIGNATURE. "Through minimalist design and ease-of-use, our products can blend seamlessly with a room's décor and the lifestyles of our customers," said WookJun Chung, head of Home Appliance & Air Solution Design Lab., LG Electronics.

"Our focus is on using design and technology to usher in a new era of spatial integration," noted Sung-Gu Joe, head of Home Entertainment Design Lab., LG Electronics. "This mission is embodied by LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R. The TV's ultra-thin screen disappears when not in use to open up the room, while the subtle base integrates effortlessly with its surroundings."

Participating in Milan Design Week again, LG SIGNATURE is a globally-recognized luxury brand that continues to reshape the market and push the boundaries of home appliance design.


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