How Technology Is Impacting Online Casinos

In the last few years, the gaming industry has continued to grow exponentially thanks to the improvements in technology. Inevitably there were also other reasons for the increased success but all the new features that have been made available have allowed operators to provide a level of remote entertainment that was unthinkable only a few years ago.

In this article, we have analysed with the help of the experts at CasinoBiggestBonus how technology is continually reshaping the online casino industry.

Top Casino Technology Trends

Even though there have been different contributors to the online gambling industry success, the massive rise in the last few years has been determined mostly due to technology advancements in four key areas.

1. Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are one of the most used applications of blockchain technology. It is now widely used also on mobile casinos. Even though this technology trend is just at the beginning, it permits to create advance casinos that can create zero house games that can run autonomously.

Basically, a player will be playing against a computer code that will be entirely fair.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is continuing to improve and it is now used by lots of online casinos to develop engaging and interactive gambling sites. With VR players can explore the world of gambling like if they were on a traditional brick-and-mortar casino.

This technology innovation is already increasing the engagement for players and it is likely to open new doors for gaming developers.

3. Augmented Reality

Another reality technology that is making his way into the online casino industry is Augmented Reality also known as AR. Magic Leap has already been released and it is one of the first augmented reality platforms.

Augmented Reality is enabling gambling operators to provide a true 360 gambling experience that can be enjoyed via a mobile casino app. If the technology is used correctly, users will not be able to recognise the difference between the real world and the digital one. This is providing an entirely new gambling experience that is likely to attract more and more customers.

4. Cryptocurrencies

Another important technology that is already impacting the online casino industry is cryptocurrencies. With blockchain transactions are a lot faster, secure and transparent. Cryptocurrency will allow players to avoid all the risks involving standard online transactions legally and securely.


Technology will continue to shape the online casino industry in the next years and probably continue to increase his success. Operators can offer more and more services and improve the experience of gamblers. As a result, a wider range of the population can be attracted. Customers can enjoy an immersive gambling experience regardless of where they are.

Gambling online is more secure that has never been. On the other hand, though it poses a challenge to regulators that need to ensure that problem gambling will not increase with a negative effect on the population. Technology can help in this sense as well as it is possible for operators to see patterns of behaviours that will indicate that someone is not gambling responsibly.

In the last few years especially in the UK, we have seen that the regulator has given more responsibilities to online casino brands. Operators have to act immediately to prevent problem gambling when those flags are present in a customer account. Failing to do so will result in the online casino to be fined and risk their gambling license.

Photo by Nizam Abdul Latheef from Pexels
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