Environmental Lights Launches StudioPro Tunable White Dimmer

Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announced the launch of the new Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer.

The Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmer is a new high-quality LED controller that is specifically designed for the scenic, stage and hospitality markets. It utilizes a high PWM frequency of 23kHz to eliminate audio interference and flicker on high-speed cameras and provides a convenient interface with rotary knobs and a digital display. This convenient standalone dimmer enables users to manage dimming settings and easily duplicate exact dimming across multiple dimmers. Choose between linear and logarithmic dimming modes to best suit any studio application.

"We designed Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmers with input from scenic and stage lighting professionals. Our team spoke with our customers and listened to their needs before we started working to develop the controllers," stated Jordan Brooks, President of Environmental Lights. CEO Jamison Day added, "StudioPro LED Dimmers are designed to meet these needs at a competitive price by providing standalone tunable white dimming functionality without any unnecessary product features."

Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmers have high current capacity and two individual channels. Each channel is capable of handling eight amps when using the phoenix-style connectors, or five amps if using the dimmer's convenient barrel plug.

These dimmers are equipped with two rotary knobs for precise and accurate lighting control. The first knob controls the CCT of the tunable white lighting and the second knob controls the brightness. Each knob is paired with a digital display that enables users to match lighting across multiple devices easily. Users select a linear or logarithmic dimming curve with the flip of a switch.

Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmers have a PWM output frequency outside the range of human hearing, so electromagnetic inductive and audio interference won't feed back through the sound system. This makes them a favorite among professionals in the scenic and entertainment industries. Their reliable output and flicker-free performance allows them to be used with ultimate reliability in studio and stage lighting applications.

Product Features
Two channels
8 amps per channel (5 amps if using barrel plug)
Rotary knobs with digital displays
Linear and logarithmic dimming curve options
23 kHz PWM output

Tunable White StudioPro LED Dimmers are available exclusively on EnvironmentalLights.com. Environmental Lightssales engineers are available to assist with project specifications, prototypes and quotes by calling 888-880-1880 or by emailing sales@environmentallights.com.

SOURCE Environmental Lights
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