Changan Formally Launches Its C85 COUPE, Equipped With Blue Core 2.0T + Aisin 8AT

On March 6, 2019, Changan Auto launched the Changan CS85 COUPE, the first in a new even-numbered series. Positioned as a premium coupe SUV for China's new middle class, the model stands out from its counterparts by its sleek appearance, performance comparable to that of an athlete, focus on the high quality of each and every part that went into its manufacture, and application of AI in the vehicle's many features. The selling price range from 136,900 yuan (approx. US$20,400) to 169,900 yuan (approx. US$25,300) makes the CS85 COUPE an attractive and affordable choice for the vehicle's target audience.

The "My life, my style" launch event of the Changan CS85 COUPE was held on a ship in the open waters adjacent to Sanya Phoenix Island, Hainan, China, an event first in the global automotive community. At the event, Changan Auto vice president and Passenger Car Marketing Division general manager Ye Pei revealed the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the vehicle.

The vehicle's four differentiators set new standards for the coupe SUV market

With the four differentiators: its sleek look, athletic-like performance, best-in-quality parts and AI-driven features, the CS85 COUPE comes with a sloping rear-hatch body style, star diamond-shaped headlamps and a modern passenger cabin with between-the-seats console that will make the driver feel as if he or she is at the controls of an interstellar spacecraft, all features of a vehicle that any consumer would be proud to own and drive. In terms of performance, the model comes equipped with the Blue Core D20TGDI turbocharged direct injection engine and Aisin 8AT transmission, complemented by Bosch's Electronic Stability Brake System (ESBS). The model's electronic gear shift delivers an incomparable ride.

With all of the vehicles key components originating from the world's 48 leading supplier systems, the CS85 COUPE delivers first-class enjoyment from every angle - visual, tactile, auditory and safety - coming together to create the perfect driving experience. As for AI, the model is equipped with the Tencent's latest TAI automobile AI system enhanced with Tencent's massively content-rich infotainment collection. Other cool AI features include the IACC integrated self-adaptive navigation system, AEB automated emergency braking system, APA4.0 automated parking system, LCDA blind spot monitoring system and ACC adaptive cruise control with full speed range, features all born from Changan Auto's leadership role in the application of AI to the driving experience.

The "8" in the model's number marks the beginning of the roll out of Changan's "even-numbered" series of vehicles

The high-end SUV CS85 COUPE is the first with an even number in the model's name, signaling Changan's launch of what the carmaker has dubbed its entry into the era of series of even-numbered vehicle models. The automaker plans to further enrich its product portfolio. Based on the current product orientation and design concept of the CS85 COUPE, all models within the series will chiefly target drivers looking to personalize their driving experience. Everything in the design of the vehicles will be focused on the satisfaction of the driver each and every minute he or she is behind the wheel. The rollout of the series is the positive result of the automaker's implementation of its innovation and entrepreneurship plan – an entrepreneurship plan that is now in its third iteration, as well as the result of the carmaker's commitment to constantly drive transformation and develop world-class vehicles.

"My life, my style" – empowering the new middle-class lifestyle

Beyond all the features of the C85 COUPE, many of them unprecedented, CS85 COUPE's brand proposition of "living life how it should be lived" better empowers the new urban middle-class, a group that refuses to settle for any kind of mediocrity. As this growing segment of the population lets their voice be heard, they are ever more willing to do what is necessary to lead their lives the way they want to lead them. It is a message that has been fully incorporated into every aspect of the design of the vehicle.

Over the years, Changan has made significant progress in establishing a leadership position in the global automobile market, on the back of excellent results. As one of the leading automakers in China, Changan is always and fully committed to the development of world-class vehicles, and through its three entrepreneurship plans, its systematic capacity and prowess at vehicle manufacturing are constantly being enhanced. We believe that the introduction of the CS85 COUPE gives a whole new look to the Chinese SUV market, to the new middle-class consumers that Changan serves and to Changan itself.

SOURCE Changan Auto

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