3 Ways Video Converters Can Be Useful to Businesses

Businesses nowadays generally handle a lot of digital video files due to how extensively videos are used. Not only are videos frequently used in marketing, but businesses may also make use of them for training, reporting, and other areas.

Because of how widespread the use of videos is, every business could benefit from having a video converter. It will make it far more convenient for you to handle and manage your digital video files, in several different ways:

  • Ensure that videos are compatible and can be viewed
As a business when you distribute a video to potential customers, or even internally to staff – you need to make sure that it can be viewed without any difficulty. In other words you need to make sure that it is in a format that is supported by the device or platform it will be viewed on.

Needless to say a video converter can help in that regard and convert your video either to a specific format that you know is compatible, or to one that is generally compatible with most devices (such as MP4 with H.264).

  • Prepare and optimize videos to be uploaded online
Most businesses frequently upload videos online to social media, online video sharing platforms, or even their own web server. Regardless of its destination, a video converter can help ensure that it is in the right format and optimized with the right specifications.

For example you could convert VOB to MP4 to ensure that your video matches the recommended settings of social media platforms or YouTube.

Similarly if you’re uploading to your own webserver and intend to publish HTML5 videos, you could convert to both MP4 as well as WebM to cater to different browsers.

  • Compress and reduce the video file size
Last but not least, a video converter will provide you with the option of compressing the video file size so that it is smaller. That can be done by either converting it to a format with better compression, or by reducing the video bitrate.

As you can imagine being able to compress videos can be useful for many businesses. Not only will it let you conserve storage space, but it will also let you reduce your video file size if there are any limitations that you need to account for.

Suffice to say a video converter can be a very helpful utility for businesses. It will provide you with a wealth of options when you manage your videos and prepare to use them on a daily basis.

If your business creates or handles lots of videos, the real question to ask is: How can you manage without it? Having a video converter up your sleeve will give you the means to cope with most situations that come your way.

More importantly it will let you optimize the content that you are delivering – possibly to potential customers. That can directly affect the bottom line of your business, and should be all the reason that you need to get one.

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