PolarPro Changes the Way Photographers Protect Their Camera Lens

PolarPro's Defender is changing the way photographers protect their lenses. The innovative design is compatible with most entry-, mid- and pro-level lenses on the market; the use of a unique two-piece structure sets the Defender apart from traditional lens caps or covers. Designed to fully envelop the front of the glass element of any lens with soft sidewalls and a stiff plate covering reinforcing the front, the Defender can be trusted to keep out all unwanted elements. These sidewalls even hold another trick: the composition adds just the right amount of tack to keep the Defender on the lens so that searching for lens covers becomes a thing of the past.

The Defender Lineup

With five available sizes, there will be an option for most, if not all of the lenses in any photographer's assortment. These size offerings are mainly based off of a lens' filter thread size and are as follows: 55mm-62mm, 67mm-72mm, 77mm-82mm, 95mm and 114mm. Given that the Defender is sized to the filter ring of a lens, it will accommodate an installed filter to minimize the need to apply and remove the filter from lenses while shooting. Selecting the correct sizing option provides a custom fit to a specific lens to ensure safety and protection, unlike the one-size-fits-all options.

Founder and CEO Jeff Overall offered the following on why PolarPro was so keen to find a solution: "We all kept running into the same problem - finding our lens caps at the bottom of our bags. Which led us to look for a solution that would not come off, even during the most rugged travel. It also needed to be simple to install and, most importantly, offered the same protection as a traditional plastic lens cap."

From these frustrations and the revelation that there were no such products available on the market besides flimsy rubber sleeves, the PolarPro team was determined to fill the void. With this concept, the staff set to work creating a product not just for themselves but for every photographer and videographer that has encountered the same problem.

The Design Process

PolarPro found early in the process that the two-piece structure would be an integral part of a successful design. The first characteristic of the lens cover's structure is the soft, flexible sidewalls, created using a specific composition of polymers and elastomer. This combination provides a structure rigid enough to press the Defender onto the lens while remaining soft and durable.

The second structure characteristic of the Defender is the reinforced nylon plate protecting the glass element of lenses. This added plate is molded and fused to the sidewall for vital protection when storing or handling lenses in the field.

The tactile nature of the Defender, in tandem with the contoured tactical grip, adds feel and control when handling. All of these elements together in one package make for ultimate protection against dirt, dust and debris when on the go, while still preserving ease of use when applying and removing the cover.

PolarPro lead engineer Esteban Martinez took what seemed to be an easy concept in stride only to find out over the next eight months how intricate a high-quality lens protection solution really is.

"When we finally decided to move forward and tackle the Defender project, it was interesting to see what the market currently had to offer. The caps that we found and tested could not keep up with the environments we'd shoot in, whether that was because of a flimsy material or just not offering enough protection," said Martinez. "We went through many design variations and material changes until we finally achieved what we've found to be the most rugged lens cover out there."

The end result, the Defender, has since been rigorously tested in the elements to prove it would hold up to the highest expectations held by the PolarPro team and the end user.

The Defender is PolarPro's latest piece of gear to hit the market that provides an innovative solution to problems photographers and videographers face. To keep up with everything PolarPro, follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or visit www.polarprofilters.com.

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