Facebook says it has 7M+ advertisers and 90M+ small businesses using its products, will soon allow businesses to respond to Instagram messages from Facebook

Today, over 400 community leaders gathered at our headquarters in Menlo Park for the Facebook Communities Summit. In front of this audience, we announced a number of product updates to help them continue to build community on Facebook:
  • Helping group admins invest, engage, and manage: Group admins invest their time and energy to maintain their communities. To make that easier for them, we’re adding new post formatting tools and ways to manage their group like how to inform a member when they violate a rule, filtering by date range in their admin activity log, and searching through membership requests by name. We’re also launching a pilot program that lets groups and brands collaborate, expanding subscription groups to more partners, and allowing relevant Pages to join their communities.
  • Connecting people with mentors: We’re bringing Mentorship to all Facebook Groups where people can benefit from the direct experience and expertise of others by connecting one-on-one. We’ll be rolling this out over the next few months starting with Groups in North and South America.
  • Helping people donate to nonprofits on Instagram: Last November, we announced that people raised over $1 billion for nonprofit organizations through Charitable Giving on Facebook. Later this year, Instagram will bring the ability for people to support nonprofits that are important to them through a donation sticker in Instagram Stories.
  • Increasing blood donors in the US: Our Blood Donations feature — which enables people to sign up as blood donors and get notified when blood donation centers near them need blood — will be launching in the US in the next few months.
  • Simplifying messaging for Page admins: Page admins will now be able to respond to Instagram Direct Messages from their Facebook Page inbox.

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