Do Your Business Need a Specialized Phone Service?

Are you considering a business phone service for your company? Today, every business needs useful tools for communication with internal and external stakeholders. In such a situation, you can select from cloud telecommunication services or go with the good old landline phones.

In cloud telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to Internet-based phone service. In this high-quality phone service, data, voice and video communications are transmitted over an internet network. Business VoIP has feature-rich services targeted towards micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Future Oriented Phone Solutions

Every business owner needs a reliable phone service. In the age of growing technology, it makes sense to invest in future-oriented solutions such as VoIP. The decision to choose this technology is propounded by its flexible cost structure, easy user interface, host of business-friendly functionalities delivered with high quality.

In fact, once a small company takes VoIP telephony, they can start functioning with a similar level of professionalism and efficiency of enterprise companies. They can make use of advanced features like desk-to-desk calling, hosted PBX capabilities, call routing, music-on-hold, call waiting, automated call attendant and many more.

Any firm can choose a business VoIP plan as per their budget, flexibility, and needs. The unified communication solutions can be suited to fit the needs and size of any business whether it has two employees or over 1,00,000.

Let’s review the pros and cons of cloud telephony services. Doing this exercise will help you understand the kind of business phone service and the features, you should opt for.

  • The bulky and space intensive landline phone systems and their hardware can be packed up. A VoIP service only needs a high-speed internet connection to function, instead of the copper wires required by traditional landlines.
  • Micro, small and mid-sized companies have a great competitive advantage, thanks to VoIP telephony. They can use expensive PBX hardware and associated features such as computer integration, voicemails to emails, call forwarding, call queues and automated attendants.
  • Location independence is a useful feature of VoIP phone connections. Remote employees can seamlessly access business phone system from their smartphones.
  • VoIP services are easy to configure and setup.
  • Minimum business downtime is assured when you choose VoIP over the landline system.
  • Web dashboard is a vital feature which lets you use your laptop to access your complete VoIP system. Mobile employees use VoIP to help them stay connected to their business numbers. They can even adjust their call forwards and call receive settings as per their location.

  • Variety of call features are available in the VoIP phone service ranging from call transfer, automated call attendant, call hunt, conference calling, and phone menus.
  • Cost efficiency is one of the best features of business VoIP. All businesses can save a considerable amount of money on setup, installation, domestic and international calling. There is no upfront payment if you choose VoIP hosting with the service provider.
  • In places with fluctuating or slow internet connection, VoIP will not work very well.
  • If any business is currently using traditional phone systems, installing VoIP can add up to the cost and be time-consuming.

The Last Word

Every business benefits from a unified business communication system which is strongly integrated with their business software’s. With time, they experience higher productivity, increased internal efficiency and stronger customer relationships.

If you have a small business and need a strong communication setup at an affordable price, VoIP service can be the perfect choice for you. It’s flexible system enables you to scale up as your business grows exponentially.

Research shows that ease of use and a simple platform is something your employees appreciate. Since they will be the ultimate users of the service, simplicity, and scalability are something you should look out for in a phone service.

One of the VoIP providers, RingCentral recently found more than 67 percent of employees agreeing that VoIP services helps them to be more productive at work.

In 2019, the trend of VoIP promises to expand exponentially providing immense value to its users. Businesses are increasingly adopting new age technologies to gain the coveted competitive edge and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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