DarkMatter Group Unveils World's First Ultra Secure Smartphone for Extreme Field Conditions

DarkMatter Group, the Gulf's leading digital and cyber transformation firm, has unveiled the next generation of its mobile devices to a global audience at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The KATIM® R01 is the world's first ultra-secure smartphone designed to withstand extreme field conditions. It has been specifically designed for individuals operating in defence and the emergency services, as well as the construction, mining, transport, energy, and oil and gas industries.

The handset is smart and secure, as well as highly durable. Its full suite of apps is encased in a hardened, tamper-proof hardware and contains a hardened OS with a hardware-based crypto root of trust. It has been designed to meet two separate military level standards for resilience, and can handle being dropped, run over and immersed in water for 30 minutes.

It is optimized for those working in extreme conditions, with supporting features including good grip, extra loud audio for noisy environments, dedicated buttons for Push-to-Talk and SOS, plus a touch screen that remains accurate in gloved or wet hand operations. It has a unique ruggedized design to withstand drops, vibration, water and dust, high humidity, altitude, extreme temperatures and more.

"We have combined our expertise in secure communications with everything the mobile market expects in one handset, while aligning it with a great user experience. During the design phase, we challenged the brightest minds in the industry to create a design that withstands extreme field conditions. The KATIM® R01 provides peace of mind to businesses and governments operating in extraordinarily tough environments where smart, swift and secure communication is critical," said Karim Sabbagh, CEO of DarkMatter Group.

DarkMatter is a leading proponent of mobile security and runs its own mobile device security testing facility, xen1thLabs, from the UAE as well as R&D centers in Finland and Canada.

The KATIM® range includes the KATIM® and KATIM® R01 phones, KATIM® OS, KATIM® Apps: Messenger and Email, and the KATIM® Command Centre.

Fore more information, visit www.katim.com

SOURCE DarkMatter Group
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