Turning Drivers Into Brand Ambassadors

People with a fleet or those managing a fleet on behalf of their clients always want to achieve the best. Even with the best brand graphics covering the side of your trucks or fleet vehicles, you will still need someone to add weight about the brand. Drivers are always out there working and can be the best brand ambassadors if they are equipped well. As the owner of the business, you need to take every opportunity and market the brand to increase its reputation as well as increase your chances of making more sales. Here are the best ways to turn drivers into the best brand ambassadors.

Hire Drivers with Marketing Skills

The best brand ambassadors are those with marketing skills gained through experience. Before you hire, you should have this as a qualification requirement. Drivers who have performed salesmanship duties before will find it easy to fit in your current needs than those who are still very green. To avoid looking biased, those who are doing this as their first job can benefit from the in-house training we are about to discuss below.

Train the Drivers

Training is a crucial aspect to adopt in a business setup. It should be conducted when there is a need, but those who make it a habit a few times a year prosper very well. For fleet companies, they can include a course that trains drivers on sales skills, customer focus skills, and being good brand ambassadors when they are out in the field. The biggest beneficiaries for such a move are the novice drivers, although even the experienced ones will have a lot of new things to learn. It is crucial for the training manager to bring professionals once in a while to conduct such training.

Keep Them Motivated

There are many ways to keep employees motivated. Research shows that happy employees equal happy clients. Of course, you need the drivers to do deliveries on time and treat the clients well. But there is more to becoming an excellent brand ambassador. Apart from giving the employees higher salaries than competitors, also equip the fleet vehicles with the latest devices that make work easier and more fun. The Eyeride website has some of the best devices like GPS, dashboard radio systems, and other technology that keeps the employees happy.

Empower the Driver

You can empower your drivers to make a simple decision for the good of the company when they are out there. For instance, they can decide to spend five more minutes to clarify the different products that you have even if their schedule will be five minutes late. They should not feel scared about deciding on what to do at work. However, it is important to have accountability and responsibility for all of their decisions through reports and communication.


Being a good brand ambassador is not a complicated process. It is the responsibility of the fleet managers and owners to ensure that the drivers are aware of how important this is. If done well, it will promote an increase in sales.

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