Serial Entrepreneur Will Graylin Launches OV Loop, a New Voice Powered Messaging Service for People & Businesses

Today at CES, Will Graylin, the six-time tech entrepreneur who last founded LoopPay, that became Samsung Pay, is unveiling his new company OV Loop, a whole new voice powered messaging service for people and businesses. OV Loop is akin to the super apps in Asia, but designed with breakthrough technologies for U.S. consumers and businesses, to help them better interact, transact and build trusted relationships. The company is debuting its first two offerings: OV App, the fastest, safest messaging app on the planet, and OV Pro, the world's first voice activated hearable for hands-free messaging, calls and commands.

"For busy professionals, texting on the go can be cumbersome at best, and deadly at worse," said Will Graylin. "OV Loop has invented a much faster, safer and richer way to message people, groups and businesses, laying the foundation for next generation of voice powered communication and commerce."

The OV App delivers a whole new way to send a voice and text message simultaneously with 1-Tap or completely hands-free, the patent pending invention is called "OV". Just tap the OV button for a contact, speak, and your message is sent. Unlike "voice to text" that requires users to look at their screens and correct mistranslations, or sending "voice files" that annoy recipients who cannot read it, "OV" combines the best of text and voice, with the convenience of 1-Tap or voice commands to initiate the message. You can "OV" any of your contacts, even if they don't have the OV App, recipients will receive your text in a SMS, with a link to hear your voice and join OV Loop if they wish. OV is much easier for senders, and more versatile for recipients who can read the message if they're in a meeting, or hear it if they're driving. 400,000 Americans are killed or injured each year directly due to texting and driving, so use OV instead of text.

Launching next quarter, users will be able to "OV" businesses with 1-Tap instead of waiting on customer service calls through OV Biz (currently in beta with brands and large partners), and transact with 1-Tap through OV Pay (currently in development with the largest financial institutions in the world).

OV App is now in beta and available on Apple App Store and Google Play for U.S. users only.

The OV Pro is the world's first intelligent wireless headphone accessory (a hearable) that lets users initiate messages, calls and commands completely hands-free, with just their voice. Users can OV people, businesses and their favorite bots like Alexa, Google, and Siri, without touching their phone. The premium earbuds and lightweight neckband provide awesome sound and superb comfort, while the 14 hour battery life provides all day use for work and play. The Mute button lets users quickly mute/unmute conference calls without fumbling with their phone. Turn on Ambient or Chat Mode to hear your surroundings clearly without removing your earbuds, and Active Noise Cancellation to block unwanted noise during flights. The USB-C port let you plug in a fast charging cable, and a hi-fi audio cable (included) for in-flight entertainment consoles, computers and tablets while in airplane mode.

OV Pro is available in Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Black and Gunmetal Black with a suggested retail price of $179 and early bird special of $149 after cashback.

The OV Pro is now on sale at, on Amazon, and inside the OV App.

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