Huion exhibits Kamvas Pro pen displays at CES Las Vegas 2019

As the global stage for innovation, CES is also served as the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. As a technology innovator as well as a creative thinker, Huion also attended the event to usher in the arrival of 2019.

"Customer feedback does not just give us direction for development, but also should be considered as part of our product standard," said Henry Xu, CEO of HUION Animation Technology, "which will be the road taken by Huion in the years to come." Therefore, the latest products brought to CES by Huion are sure to attract the CG community's attention as well as creative workers.

Kamvas Pro 13 Pen Display

Kamvas Pro 13, has been one of the most popular graphic input devices on the global market in 2018 since it was released. Apart from the full-laminated screen, which helps to terminate visual disparity between the cursor and pen nib, Kamvas Pro 13 also boasts several excellent technical specifications. For instance, the industry leading report rate 266PPS does not just save users from lagging feedback and broken lines, but also gives a full play to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, enabling users to express themselves freely and accurately. Owing to 120% sRGB color gamut, works created become more true to life, and therefore the essence of works are better delivered via richer color presentation.

In addition the digital pen designed by Huion is exclusively developed with a flexible nib for better rendering of lines input with different levels of pressure and +60 degree titling brush. Two buttons on the pen are programmed as eraser and mouse right-click equivalents by default respectively, with a convex feature to prevent unintended clicking.

Kamvas Pro 22 Pen Display

The battery free electromagnetic resonance technology applied by Huion enables users to create with more flexibility. There are no more wires with the pen while working, and no more low batteries when inspiration occurs. Kamvas Pro 22 pen display developed with EMR technology, is created to better facilitate users in designing. Anti-glare glass with afrosted surface applied to Kamvas Pro 22 protects users' eyes from harmful glare, and at the same time provides them real life experience of drawing on paper.

Product display

More new products created by Huion will arrive in 2019. To learn more about the products, please visit

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