Seeing Machines and L3 to deliver eye tracking technology for major airline's Full Flight Simulator

Seeing Machines Limited, the advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety announced that it has partnered with L3 Commercial Aviation, a leading provider of airline pilot training solutions, to deliver integrated eye tracking capabilities into their Full Flight Simulator (FFS). The first device with this functionality will be delivered to a major Australian airline in 2019.

Seeing Machines and L3 have developed a solution to provide and leverage the Group's industry leading eye tracking capability and signals, to be deployed into a new Boeing 787 FFS. This marks the first time that a permanent fully integrated eye tracking solution has been delivered into a FFS device used for civil aviation pilot training.

New head-up displays within commercial airlines provide a huge amount of information for pilots but ensuring that it is used correctly is crucial. Seeing Machines' eye-tracking technology will provide the ability to monitor and evaluate both the performance of the pilots and their decision-making processes during simulator exercises. This will help to standardise head-up display flight training across the airline's organisation and optimise training outcomes for pilots and instructors, both in real-time and for post scenario debrief.

"We are continuously looking to evolve and ultimately enhance our training offer by incorporating new technologies into our full range of training devices," commented Robin Glover-Faure, President of Commercial Training Solutions, which is part of L3 Commercial Aviation.

"The implementation of the eye tracking technology is a substantial development within the world of pilot training and will provide critical data to better measure, tailor and advance training programs."

Patrick Nolan, GM of Aviation at Seeing Machines, added: "We are delighted to be working with L3 to deliver this training solution.

"The feedback from the aviation industry on the benefits of this capability and solution have been very positive. It is great to see the transition to a fully integrated solution that will provide valid data to support and optimise flight training in what we believe will be the first of many engagements across the industry."

SOURCE Seeing Machines Limited
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