Panda 3D Announces the Kickstarter Launch of Paladin 3D - a Revolutionary New SLA 3D Printer for Consumers

Panda 3D announces the launch of an affordable desktop 3D printing solution for hobbyists, consumers and professionals alike. It is available now on Kickstarter.

Panda 3D, a respected innovator in 3D printing, recently released an exciting new printer for consumers, the Paladin 3D. It brings the power of SLA printing to the desktop and delivers quality and performance at an affordable cost.

The SLA printing process creates objects using photopolymerization, a process by which light causes chains of molecules to link, forming polymers. This type of 3D printing is preferred when objects must be highly accurate and need a smooth finished surface. Once reserved for professionals, innovative products such as the Paladin 3D have made SLA available to consumers.

"As 3D printing professionals, we knew the quality and versatility of SLA printing so we wanted to create an affordable option for consumers who want the power of 3D printing on their desktop. Paladin 3D is the realization of that goal." – Steven, CEO

Paladin 3D is engineered with XY resolution of 50μm. It can achieve high-resolution 3D models with an improved mechanical design. Dual z-axis slides deliver fine details with an ultra-smooth surface. It achieves this performance using a highly specialized, centralized light source, with 405nm 28 purple LED lights that allow for the best combination of fast printing and high detail quality.

Unlike typical consumer-centric 3D printers, Paladin 3D adds durability and reliability with its all metal design. The solid body also includes an auto-leveling system to make printing prep easy and ensuring a good print. Because it's designed with simple operation and home use in mind, Paladin has a suite of features that make it the perfect choice for consumers. It is plug-and-play, uses a visual menu for print settings, and includes easy to use slicer software. It also has a USB drive for easy transfer of print models and an interactive touchscreen. An air purification system also helps to keep harmful odors in check for a safer, more comfortable printing environment.

The Paladin SLA 3D printing solution represents a new revolution in consumer and hobbyist 3D printing. With Paladin, anyone can create highly detailed models, prototypes, arts and crafts and more.

Paladin 3D is launching on Kickstarter with pre-sales and special deals for early adopters.

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