New Cyber Security Measures Are Stopping Cyber Attacks

Since its release in April of 2018, the latest book from Genaro Garcia Luna, the CEO of GLAC Consulting, titled "Seguridad Con Bienestar. Un nuevo modela integral de seguridad" has sold many books in Central, North, and Latin America. The books suggest how to make better security systems in Mexico. It touches overall security covering socially, politically and economically. It can be found on the website El Financiero.

Genaro Garcia Luna, secretary of Public Security under the administration of the ex-president, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, presents in his book a unique vision of the model of security which begins with a summary of the history of crime in Mexico; in it, he compares five cities: Chicago, New York, Palermo, Medellin, and Ciudad Juarez, all of whom faced an important fight against organized crime.

GLAC Consulting, a cybersecurity company, is very happy about the results and wishes to continue to spread the word. They want to make a difference in several countries that foresee many cybersecurity issues. GLAC hopes that newly elected officials in Mexico will utilize the strong proposals for positive change and information to improve the countries currently security issues and state.

Genaro Garcia Luna states that because copies of the book have been released, the message he is sending is speaking and assisting to the change in Mexico and their governments.

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