Drone Detection Security Begins at NCAA Football Games

Keeping patrons safe and free of distraction is a priority for venues hosting sporting events, concerts, and festivals. Black Sage, a defense technology integrator, offers a proven solution to detect and identify drone activity at large scale venues and events. Over the past season, Black Sage provided its Counter-UAS detection and identification system for multiple NCAA football games in Boise, Idaho. The company aided local law enforcement and stadium security, as well as multiple three-letter agencies in providing the highest quality security possible.

Black Sage Counter-UAS systems provide:

Early detection of drones, allowing law enforcement to take action before a drone is airborne
AI classification to reduce false alarms
Operator location to assist law enforcement in apprehension
Forensic data storage to ensure successful prosecution

Stadiums and other open-air venues are particularly vulnerable to the growing risks posed by consumer drones. Federal law currently restricts the use of drones in the vicinity of major league and NCAA sporting events. UAS operations are prohibited within a three-mile radius of the stadium or venue from one hour prior to one hour after an event, known as a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR). Stadium operators and law enforcement have few options to enforce the restrictions and are now turning to Black Sage to provide layered Counter-UAS systems to fill the security gap.

Black Sage has more than three years of experience providing Counter-UAS services and will continue to provide support for events at this stadium as well as for other venues in the U.S and around the world.

SOURCE Black Sage Technologies
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