Sherpany SoundProof for Windows 10 App

Sherpany is once again leading the market by introducing SoundProof for its Windows 10 App Sherpany Boardroom 3, the only Windows application in the market having SoundProof as a technology available.

Today, Sherpany announces a remarkable milestone for Windows 10 users. With the release of SoundProof for Windows 10 we introduce the most elegant and secure way to login with two-factor mechanism on Windows 10. With Sherpany SoundProof, users can benefit in more than one way:

  • Zero touch login, a two-factor authentication solution that works without user interaction and therefore provides a great user experience.
  • Highly secure authentication method with technology that is using machine learning algorithms to authenticate the user via ambient noise.
  • No more SMS codes, which rely on many intermediate providers and their delivery can't be encrypted.

The two-factor authentication method through SMS is an old but established technology. With the introduction of Sherpany SoundProof for Windows, SoundProof is now available on all our platforms - web environment, iPad app, Windows 10 app - for all users.

"We always want to provide our customers the most innovative products while being compliant with the highest security standards possible. Sherpany SoundProof absolutely combines innovation and security, and productivity is not impacted by security any longer. I am proud, that no other meeting management solution than ours is able to offer such a modern solution. For users that work with Sherpany every day for meeting setup and preparation as well as during meetings, this is a major benefit and supports our claim #gettimeback" says Sherpany's Product Specialist Samuel Kamm.

SOURCE Sherpany
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