SAM - Smart Alert for Mail: World's First Cloud-enabled Mailbox Activity Notification System

Smart Alert for Mail is pleased to announce the release of SAM, the world's first cloud-enabled alert system for a residential mailbox.

SAM is the modern solution to enhancing mailbox security while solving the problem of many unnecessary trips to the mailbox to check for mail only to realize it has not yet been delivered. When mailbox activity is detected, SAM's transmitter, mounted inside customer's mailbox, sends a signal to a receiver located inside user's home. The SAM receiver not only provides the visual and aural mailbox activity alerts, but also uses customer's home Wi-Fi to send a notification to customer's smartphone using a subscription-free SAM app. Therefore, users will be able to monitor their mailbox activity from anywhere cellular service is available.

"We are pleased to announce the release of SAM - Smart Alert for Mail™ which will be shipping at the beginning of December. We hope SAM will eliminate many unnecessary trips to a mailbox and help customers stop worrying about sensitive mail or packages left inside their mailboxes," said Alex Waclawik, SAM's Product Manager. "There are no subscription fees for using the SAM wireless notification service, making our product quite unique among the IoT (Internet of Things) products," commented Mr. Waclawik.

SAM has been designed to work with all USPS-approved curbside mailboxes, but it can also be used in a variety of motion detection applications. SAM's sound alerts are fully-customizable and users can even set-up SAM to play favorite MP3 as a notification. For more information and to place an order for SAM, please visit search for "SAM Smart Alert for Mail" on Amazon. US Patents are pending.

SOURCE Smart Alert for Mail
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