Interlude, a travel chair worthy of pause, launches on Kickstarter

A portable chair designed to make traveling easier for people with mobility issues and more enjoyable for those with active lifestyles launched on Kickstarter Nov. 7.

Even though age brings wisdom and more financial ability to travel, it can also bring bad knees and other mobility issues. Interlude Chair can help. Wanting to sit and watch a sunset at the end of a long hike? Interlude Chair can enhance the experience. Another Saturday morning soccer game with no bleachers? Thank you, Interlude.

This comfortable, compact, go-anywhere chair is designed to help people of all ages recharge. With international travel at all-time highs, older people wanting to remain active, travelers recognizing that nature can offer unbeatable experiences and millennials being described as the wanderlust generation, Interlude Chair's arrival is welcome.

Rewards start at $10 and backers have a chance to acquire the innovative travel chair for just $69 (Interlude Chair Kickstarter).

Interlude is designed by Roland Haertl, a Portland-based civil engineer, who has a long and impressive career. (Haertl's 1966 bridge design was selected for construction of the city's iconic Fremont Bridge.) And Interlude is the result of his recent trip to Spain. Haertl had to find a place to sit down every 50 yards to minimize pain in his right leg.

Unable to find a chair on the market that fit his needs, he did what engineers sometimes do and made his own solution. After four years, the work of a quality design team and trial runs in 10 countries, Interlude Chair is exactly what the travel lover ordered.

Made out of aluminum for lightweight durability, injection-molded plastics for comfort, high quality rubber for durable feet, and metal fasteners for stability and security, Interlude designers thought of everything. Weighing 2½ pounds and supporting approximately 250, Interlude opens into two standard chair heights and boasts a seat 12 inches wide.

Designed with travelers in mind, Interlude Chair folds and fits in a standard backpack or carry-on luggage. It also includes a carrying strap for easy use.

Interlude Chair was built to help people who are passionate about traveling move about the country and world with ease. It's all about enjoying the moments-in-between.

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