EtainPower, the World's First Artificial Intelligence Source Ecosystem Driven by Blockchain, Announced a Strategic Partnership With DxChain

In the past few days, EtainPower, the world's first artificial intelligence energy ecosystem driven by blockchain, has started a strategic partnership with DxChain to call for a revolution in the traditional renewable energy market. To celebrate the partnership, a presale is being promoted. Interested parties can now register to EtainPower's whitelist at: before Oct 29, 2019 11:59 PM UTC to get a seat for the presale.

EtainPower and DxChain, the two technology entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, share the same vision: Break the monopoly of the centralized trading and energy assets held by technology giants by using the blockchain technology and token economy.

EtainPower will use the cutting-edge technology of the blockchain and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the centralized operation of traditional power systems with a model called "Power Generation Mining." EtainPower will also optimize the management and allocation of power energy and enhance the intelligence of power systems, while at the same time, provide token-driven solutions for financing, trading and circulation of more high-quality renewable energy enterprises.

On the other hand, DxChain has adopted the mature Hadoop technology to the blockchain design and creates a unique "Chains-on-chain" architecture to solve big data storage and computing problems in decentralized environments. With the design of multiple chains, DxChain will completely break the monopoly.

With that being said, the strategic partnership between EtainPower and DxChain will work together to develop ecological construction:
DxChain will provide EtainPower with API interfaces and security solutions for data storage and computing, as well as implement data storage, privacy protection, and intelligent computing in a decentralized environment.
EtainPower, as a smart energy ecosystem, will share the huge amount of accumulated high-value renewable energy data as the important part of DxChain's data ecosystem.

With the landing of strategic cooperation between both sides, we can foresee a revolution in the traditional renewable energy market that will completely break monopoly and benefit the development of the renewable energy industry.

SOURCE EtainPower
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