Puppyrobot wins first ever 2018 IFA-PTIA "Interactive Innovation Award"

Puppyrobot, a China-based artificial intelligence start-up company, has won their first 2018 IFA-PTIA "Interactive Innovation Award" for their smart projector, the Puppy Cube S.

In September 2018, the winners of the "2018 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" were announced in Berlin. The "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" was presented on the first day and was jointly granted by MISS IFA, the ambassador of IFA, and the leaders of both IFA and the award committee. As the organizers of the event and chief members of the award committee, IDG and the German Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd. (GIC) jointly announced that Puppy Cube S was the winner of the 2018 Interactive Innovation Award.

Puppy Cube S aims to provide innovative and inspiring human-machine interactions. Combining short-throw projection and unique sensor technology, it can turn any flat table, pad, or wall into an interactive screen. The device provides all the functions of Android OS with a deeply customizable user interface, including a smart speaker.

As a young start-up company launched in late 2016, Puppyrobot launched their flagship products, the Puppy Cube S and Puppy Cube this past May, followed by a family companion robot, Puppy Bingo, and a L4 unmanned vehicle Puppy Auto in July. Puppy Cube will start crowdfunding on Indiegogo in October. Focusing on different inside spaces, Puppyrobot hopes to make people's lives more comfortable and convenient by building intelligent spaces through the continuous innovation of AI technology.

"We are thrilled to receive this award, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to the human-machine interactive technology and our other innovative AI products. We will remain focused on the Smart Home & Life implementation with more exciting projects in the near future," said Michael Tang, VP of R&D, Puppyrobot.

The "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" is awarded each year to products that are at the forefront of technical innovation. Nominees are selected and evaluated by a professional and impartial panel on the basis of product design, functionality, and innovative features. The award is supported by international consumer electronic brands, the International Data Group (IDG), and German Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd. (GIC). For years, enterprises such as Bosch, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, SONY, HTC, LG, TCL, Haier, ZTE, BOE, GRUNDIG, MIELE, PHILIPS and DJI have won the award presented by IFA.

SOURCE Puppyrobot

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