iQIYI Joins Forces with Baidu and BGCTV to Launch Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box

iQIYI Inc. (NASDAQ :IQ ) ("iQIYI" or the "Company"), an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China today announced the launch of the Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box, developed in partnership with Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ :BIDU ) ("Baidu"), the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, and Beijing Gehua CATV Network Co., Ltd. (SSE: 600037) ("BGCTV"), a premier cable TV network in China.

The Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box is an AI-integrated television box that provides viewers with an unprecedented experience of watching video content, combining the entirety of iQIYI's on-demand online video content with BGCTV's premium live cable TV and playback service. The historic partnership marks the first time that a traditional cable network in China has partnered with an internet company and viewers will enjoy iQIYI and BGCTV's content on a device enhanced with Baidu's sophisticated AI and speech recognition technology.

"iQIYI is delighted to join forces with Baidu and BGCTV in the production of the Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box," said Duan Youqiao, Senior Vice President at iQIYI. "We believe this new product will appeal to the diverse needs of an increasingly sophisticated consumer base, providing the most comprehensive live cable TV service, the best on demand video and the most advanced artificial intelligence."

"Baidu is proud to announce that the Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box is the first product to utilize our newly developed AI-enabled 'DuerOS 3.0 For TV operating system," said Ge Xingfei, Deputy General Manager of DuerOS Business Unit, SLG, Baidu. "This system allows viewers to accomplish any number of tasks with the ease of simply speaking to the device. The combination of the best video content from both iQIYI and BGCTV means the Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box solves the problem within the traditional separation between live and on demand TV, providing the ultimate level of choice for at home viewing, with maximum convenience."

"The addition of iQIYI's vast catalogue of premium on-demand content and Baidu's incomparable advantages in artificial intelligence to BGCTV's service gives viewers across Beijing the opportunity to enjoy TV in way that were previously unimaginable," said Lu Dongtao, General Manager of BGCTV. "The Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box ticks all the boxes: able to support the fusion of cable and internet TV; small screen and big screen viewing; remote and voice control; live and on-demand entertainment."

The AI-enabled capabilities of the Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box takes convenience in home viewing to a new level. Thanks to the device's voice recognition function, users can perform tasks such as searching for shows and changing the channel with simple voice commands. They can even say the name of a specific actor or hum a show's theme tune to be delivered the corresponding content immediately. Ease of use is further enhanced by the device's casting function, interaction and control between small and large screen seamlessly with built-in compatibility to apps such as Baidu Cloud and QQ Music, as well as the ability for the user to select pictures from their phone to be displayed on the larger screen.

Another outstanding feature of the Gehua Little Fruit Set Top Box is its child safe mode - which uses speech recognition technology to determine the age of the user based on the sound of their voice. If the viewer is a child, only content suitable for children will be displayed, with for example horror movies being replaced by programming such as English education, songs and educational cartoons.


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