CogniFit Launches New Online Assessment Battery for Depression Symptoms

CogniFit, a world leader in neuropsychological testing, brain training, and cognitive stimulation, has launched an online cognitive assessment battery designed to help detect symptoms of depression and the altered cognitive processes it causes. This battery will also indicate the user's cognitive risk index for depression.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Even though effective treatments are known, less than half of the people suffering from depression receive help. Effective diagnosis is also an important issue, since most people suffering from this mood disorder are not correctly diagnosed or just prescribed antidepressants.

This increasing need for a depression screening risk led CogniFit to develop the Cognitive Assessment Battery for Depression (CAB-DP). "This battery helps professionals as well as laypeople screen for depression symptoms including, emotional, physical, associated and cognitive symptoms of this mood disorder from the comfort of their home or office. It can provide insight on the cognitive deficits caused by this disorder and aid the professional to make a thorough diagnosis," said CogniFit neuropsychologist David Asensio.

The CAB-DP assesses four different areas: emotional symptoms (sadness, lack of interest or hopelessness), physical symptoms (fatigue, headaches, etc.), associated symptoms (substance abuse, etc.) and cognitive symptoms (attention difficulties, problems with cognitive flexibility, etc.). The CAB-DP generates a full report with a general profile of the user's cognitive skills and indicates how severe the cognitive alterations might be due to this mood disorder.

This test is suitable for adults and seniors that may present some risk factor related to depression. Any user, either professional or individual can easily use this neuropsychological assessment battery.

The CAB-DP is a professional tool created by specialists in cognitive impairment. All CogniFit cognitive assessment tasks are patented and validated, accessible and easy to use. CogniFit is a leader in neuropsychological testing and cognitive stimulation. CogniFit brain fitness solutions are used and recognized by the scientific community, universities, foundations and medical centers around the world.

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CogniFit Online Depression Test

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