3 Ways Screen Recording Can Be a Useful Educational Tool

Screen recording may not be something that you’d normally think of as an educational tool. In fact more often than not when people think of screen recording they immediately associate it with creating tutorials – but it can actually do much more than that.

To be completely honest screen recording has swathes of potential, as an educational tool – and beyond. If you’d like to get a glimpse of some of the ways that it can be useful, here’s a few things that you could try:

Save any educational online streaming videos

As you’re undoubtedly aware there are lots of great educational videos available online that cover practically any topic that you could possibly want to learn about. However because almost all of these videos are online streaming videos, you can’t really ‘save’ them to watch offline or transfer to other devices.

Screen recording will let you overcome that obstacle, as it can be used to record any educational video that you want directly from your screen. Simply put you could learn how to record a webinar, tutorials, interviews, or any other content that you find useful with a screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Recorder.

Study with friends via video call and save it for reference

Video calls have made it a lot easier to study with your friends, as you can share your notes and discuss any problems you may be facing. Screen recording can add another dimension to that, by allowing you to save calls that you place on any video calling platform.

Saving video calls as reference material can be very useful and save a lot of time. Instead of taking notes while you’re studying with your friends, you’ll have a copy of everything that was discussed in a neat little video.

Record videos of problems you’re facing

Aside from helping you to study directly, screen recording is useful if you ever face any problems and want to get help. Assuming your problem involves a software or anything digital, you could record a video of it and save yourself from having to figure out how best to describe it.

For example if you’re having a problem with part of your dissertation, you could record a video where you show what the problem is and talk about it. That video could then be forwarded to your supervisor or to any of your classmates that you’re hoping to ask for help.

As you can see screen recordings potential as an educational tool revolves around its ability to save practically anything that you need it to from your screen. Essentially it can be used in many of the same situations you might think about taking a screenshot, but is able to capture information far more effectively.

At the end of the day it would be worth your while to try using screen recording in any of the ways listed above. That’s the best way to see what it can do, and after that you can start to explore ways in which you can take advantage of it.

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