Rand McNally Introduces 2-in-1 Headphones for Pro Drivers

After countless hours of road testing and precision tuning, Rand McNally today unveiled ClearDryve™: a breakthrough premium stereo headphone and noise-cancelling mono headset in one. The wireless, 2-in-1 ClearDryve™ 200 headphones are available now exclusively at Love's Travel Stops and on store.randmcnally.com.

Developed by Rand McNally engineers and designers, in concert with audio experts on multiple continents, ClearDryve™200 provides professional drivers with two high-end products for a price generally associated with lower-quality headsets. First, ClearDryve™ 200 offers superior wireless stereo headphones with impeccably rich and clear sound. By removing an ear cup and positioning the high-quality boom microphone, ClearDryve™ 200 becomes an exceptional headset with more than 90% of ambient noise eliminated.

"We have created something truly special for professional drivers," said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. "Our convertible, 2-in-1 headphones provide drivers with a hard-working headset for making and receiving calls while on the road and an ultra-high-fidelity pair of headphones for relaxing after the day's drive."

ClearDryve™ 200 is not just flexible; it was specifically designed for professional drivers.1 The headphones feature plush ear cups made of memory foam and covered in a soft, oil-resistant material to stay comfortable all day. Active noise cancellation blocks the most disruptive noises in a truck's cab – like wind and the roar of the engine – eliminating the need to "crank up the volume" and preserving hearing.

Additionally, the Bluetooth® connection allows drivers to wirelessly connect the headphones with their smartphones up to 50 feet away, enabling them to stay connected and mobile while performing inspections and fueling up.

Key features include:
2-in-1: A removable 2nd ear piece turns the premium stereo headphones into a mono headset. The boom microphone swings out of the way when not in use and can be muted. The headset is designed to switch the mono sound from ear-to-ear as the adjustable ear cups can be used on either ear.
Clear sound: Multiple microphones cancel in-cab noise, enabling clear two-way communication. The device's signal processing removes more than 90% of in-cab noise from the microphone for crisp, clean calls. And with the slide of a button, ClearDryve™ 200's active noise cancellation kicks in to tune out ambient noise while listening to music.
Wireless: ClearDryve™ 200 is cable-free with a built-in rechargeable battery offering more than 20 hours of talk time, over 500 hours of standby time and more than 20 hours of music playback time. Controls on the headphones enable drivers to take calls, skip songs, and change the volume without having to touch their smartphones.
Superior comfort and finishes: The headphones feature premium stitching, oil-resistant materials on memory foam, and eye-catching matte and polished metals. The over-the-ear cups provide comfort and an acoustic seal.

To see more about ClearDryve™ 200, go to randmcnally.com/cleardryve

SOURCE Rand McNally
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