LEDLife.us Unveils LED Light Glove

LEDLife.us announces the launch of the patented KC Performance LED Light Glove. Designed and engineered in the USA, the patented KC LED Light Gloves are where form, fit, and function collide. These LED Gloves give you the versatility you need to light up every job at hand, hands free! The patented technology combines a custom made Kevlar stitched glove with a cutting-edge LED light strip featuring 6 LED's with high/low settings for varied brightness. The LED's deliver either 124 lumens on the low setting or 240 lumens on the high setting while providing 20 hours of continuous use powered by two (2) Lithium Coin Cell batteries (included). These gloves are available in full finger or fingerless and in Large or Extra Large.


* Law Enforcement / Military

* Hunting / Fishing

* Night Walking / Dog Walking

* Motorsports

* Safety / Survival

* Electrician / Plumber

* Biking / Jogging

* Valet Parking Attendant

* Back Packing / Camping

* HVAC / Industrial

* Mechanic / Automotive

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