Celebrating Excellence in Digital Tourism Marketing

The eTourism Summit is celebrating excellence in digital tourism marketing with the launch of the eTourism Summit Excellence Awards, powered by Expedia Group Media Solutions and Simpleview.

"Digital is the wild west of tourism marketing," said Jake Steinman, founder and Chairman Emeritus of the eTourism Summit. "Every year we highlight cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns at the eTourism Summit and this year we are going to formally recognize the best of the best," continued Steinman.

Digital tourism marketing programs in 13 categories will be judged by a jury based on the strategy, creativity and impact, and the top campaigns will be recognized at the eTourism Summit in San Francisco on Oct. 11, 2018.

"The eTourism Summit community is comprised of tech-savvy digital marketers who are always looking for innovative ideas that will deliver measurable results for their destinations," said Monya Mandich, Senior Director Marketing & Public Relations for Expedia Group Media Solutions. "We are excited to celebrate digital tourism marketing thought leaders with our sponsorship of the eTSY Awards."

"The eTourism Summit Excellence Awards are a great opportunity to honor the work that destination marketing organizations are doing to advance the relevance of travel and tourism around the world," said Cara Frank, Vice President of Marketing at Simpleview. "While the award categories may be a bit quirky, the excellent work that DMOs produce for their communities deserves to be rewarded."

To submit your entries in any of the following 13 unconventional but highly relevant categories, please visit www.TheETSYAwards.com.

Reality Check Award - Unleash the imagination and show everyone what cool looks like in this fast-changing 360-degree world of ours. We're looking for the best augmented, virtual or mixed reality video.
ADHD Video Award - May we have your undivided attention (for just a moment), please? We're awarding very short storytelling videos in 6-second, 15-second and/or 30-second versions. Be quick about it!
Marathon Video Award - Some stories just can't be rushed. If your story has a beginning, middle and an end, how have you kept viewers interested throughout a long-form video? We can't wait to see.
"Live From…Anywhere!" Award - It doesn't have to be live from New York and it doesn't have to be a Saturday night. We want to see the best use of live video, and something recorded on a smartphone will do just fine.
It Deserved to Go Viral Award - Greatness rewarded. Your campaign was so clever...and it really did deserve to go viral. So let's help you out with some extra love and shares. Tell us all about it from concept to budget to distribution.
X-Ray Vision Award - You know your target audience better than the average bear. We want to shine a laser beam on the best realization of a creative based on a powerful "Aha Moment" traveler insight, because...epiphanies happen.
Peddling Influence Award - This one is simple -- just like dealing with social media influencers (LOL). Let's find the absolute most successful influencer marketing campaign and learn why.
Content King and Queen Award - If the Content King married a commoner, would she be the Content Queen? We say yes, because behind every successful Content King there's a Content Queen. Let's celebrate the best 2018 content marketing program in the eTourism Community.
Riches in Niches Award - "There's gold in them thar hills!" We're prospecting for the best niche marketing campaign. What have you dug up in some hidden corner?
Spam-Me-Not Award - Seriously, this is important. The best email marketing campaigns use so many tools: big data, best practice, personalization, graphics, a call to action. Now you can get even more out of your email signature by winning this award.
Post With the Most Award - Against the odds and the algorithms, you've captured great organic reach via shares. What percentage of your Facebook followers did your post or video reach without spending a dime? Capture a screenshot and tell us how.
Where the Magic Really Happens Award - The internet is a crowded place. We're calling for the most creative, effective destination website that combines speed, beauty, function and irresistible traction in turning browsers into travelers. Is it yours? Campaign microsites qualify for entry.
Other People's Money Award - We like the math when 2+2=5. Have you jumped in with both feet (and a wallet) on one of the best ideas in a digital co-op program? Share the details, the budget and the ROI to win admiration at #eTS18.

For more information on the eTourism Summit Excellence Awards please visit www.TheETSYAwards.com

eTourism Summit

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