DataVan Reaching Its Milestone From Splendid Kiosk Terminals to Future-Leading Intelligent Strength Debut at COMPUTEX 2018

With developing trend of AI technology and IoT system, human behaviors in the social environments are constantly changing, our world becomes more multidimensional in the future. DataVan, an international company dedicating in point of service for over 30 years, now unites reliable partners from a diverse range of fields to expand its territory from kiosk terminals to total solutions based on its AI innovative technique, forge ahead to new era of intelligence. DataVan's new products this year are whole new series of business automation, released at upcoming COMPUTEX 2018.

The whole new Kiosk "QSkip" launch, feature for self-service and predictive analysis, QSkip presents an extraordinary consuming experience. Self-ordering payment in versatile ways including cash, credit cards and e-payment, self-service becomes extremely convenient and efficient, which allows customers spend fewer time on waiting and improves satisfaction. The compact footprint and modular design are adaptable to any kinds of business type:hospitality, retail, healthcare, public and entertainment. As an essential part of intelligent technology, QSkip makes efforts of data analysis as well, depending on different needs or budget, YumQ creates high flexibility for applications.

Now base on professional design & manufacture experiences, DataVan expands its territory to a wide range of fields. With the capability combines AI technology with IoT system, upcoming "YumQ" is a powerful suite of total solutions. Services including smart cloud management, online reservation and ordering, kiosk, tableside self-ordering management, POS solutions and KDS, YumQ provides one-stop service for hospitality. YumQ can manage tons of data collection and calculation, decreases the chance of human error and improves efficiency, also allows the staff to concentrate on the quality of services, creates more thoughtful and exquisite customer experience.

Another spotlight of DataVan's show is the new multi-purpose touchscreen panel PC "HiFive", combines with ultra-slim figure, industrial core, multi-functional stand, HiFive is capable to set up at all environments in an instant. Upgrade to POS terminal is also available, particularly matches pop-up store, temporary event, product launch, or even guestrooms of smart hotel, HiFive is one of important elements of DataVan's IoT world. Moreover, the great precision of waterproof and dustproof makes HiFive has no boundaries to all business types.

This year, DataVan is also very honor to announce that, the organizer of international football tournament shows favor to DataVan and adopt its POS terminals at the theme park in Russia!

For those business owners who wants to enhance the efficiency of retail/hospitality management, welcome to visit COMPUTEX 2018 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (booth No.0625) from June 5th to 9th. Enjoy DataVan's world famous POS system and free consulting service.

SOURCE DataVan International Corporation

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