Wally Smart Wall Breaks the Mold in Event Advertising, Revealing the World's First Interactive Interview Backdrop

The traditional interview backdrop has long served as an attractive marketing tool. It's a permanent fixture reaching a captive audience, generating expansive exposure during global events. Now, the Wally has shattered the mold.

As the first and only interview backdrop of its kind, the Wally Smart Wall enables sponsors to communicate directly with their target market through video content and dedicated interactive messages. Comprised of a row of screens situated within the exact frame of the ongoing interview, Wally can carry out active marketing with any crowd. The result is a more effective, better looking branding experience.

This is the new standard in event advertising. Wally has taken the age-old model and amplified its success. Like so many of today's smart tools and technologies, the Wally adapts to your wants and needs as they change. It provides you with the freedom to control your message in real-time. Instead of a singular stale logo, Wally provides a dynamic, elastic and engaging platform for optimal message delivery.

As the newest media platform model, the Wally Smart Wall is an integration of state of the art technologies. Together, these tools make the Wally a fully synchronized wall display of commercial messaging on a collection of screens.

SAAS remote control system enabling users to upload and replace pictures and videos on the dynamic backdrop within minutes, without physically being beside the wall
Advanced measurement system determining on which sites the backdrop interviews appear, simultaneously providing valuable viewership data on each site (coming soon)
Smart, interactive facial recognition software, sending push notifications to all the subject's followers, announcing the start of an interview (coming soon)

While the technology is a natural fit for the athletic arena, Wally's reach and the opportunities to generate additional revenue are endless. Its impact can be easily adapted to fashion shows, press conferences, showcases, launches and more. The ability to display brand images, videos, and even calls for actions eliminates any previously accepted limits.

Wally Smart Wall Brands (registered patent) was developed by Nadav Sofer (CEO) and Yves Sibony (VP Marketing). Together, they bring decades of diverse experience to this ground-breaking venture.

SOURCE Wally Smart
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