Vitel Mobile Announces Exclusive Partnership with Hyundai Mobile

Vitel Mobile, Inc, largest open market Authorized Distributor for Samsung and LG in Latin America, has just announced today that it has also partnered exclusively with Hyundai Mobile to launch and distribute its full mobile line up. This partnership is unique as production and commercialization are managed by Vitel Mobile, Inc. along with Hyundai's licensing department, which will oversee all of the devices' design and quality control. Hyundai Mobile devices are a reintroduction of the brand. "Hyundai Mobile's Android Smartphones have been very well received in the market," said Mr. Rommey Bahhur, CEO of Vitel Mobile, Inc. Mr. Bahhur also went to say that the Hyundai Mobile's price point fills a void in a category were top tier brands are not present. Hyundai Mobile complements Vitel Mobile's handset offering of well positioned worldwide brands at all levels of consumer wants and needs. Hyundai Mobile's current model lineup will include 9 different handsets, with 3G and LTE capabilities, at a range of USD$39-89 at the point of sale. Mr. Bahhur also concluded that, "We are very excited about this partnership; having such a worldwide recognized brand as it is Hyundai, at very affordable and attractive prices, is a gamechanger in the industry." Hyundai Mobile devices are being currently distributed and sold throughout all Latin America and the Caribbean and now in the USA.

SOURCE Vitel Mobile, Inc.
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