Validu Announces Commercial Release of Real Time Meeting-Compliance Software: A Blue Ocean Solution to Eliminate Expense Fraud

Validu has created a truly innovative 21st century technological solution to solve an old problem: fraud and inaccuracies with expense reporting. Validu's unique software launches compliance solutions that work in real time, reversing the idea that auditing and accounting must be reported after the fact. Validu is now poised to change just about everything that everyone knew about personal expense reporting, accounting and meeting logs.

Validu is the first and only compliance tool available that proactively mitigates the risk of expense-account fraud. All other such account tools take a back-end, retroactive approach. With just a simple mobile download, companies can now address a lack of reporting compliance and virtually erase accounting abuse. This type of fraud is so easy to commit because most companies are unable to monitor customer engagements as they happen, thus requiring businesses to rely solely upon honesty and accuracy of reporting. Validu is the first "Pocket Monitor" which gives companies complete oversight over every event.

Representatives log information related to their daily expense routines, as well as each meeting or event conducted by those representatives, as those events happen — in real time. This information is then stored and accessible to company managers 24 hours a day, from anywhere, as a simple flat PDF. Further ensuring accuracy of reporting, the PDF is also GPS, date and time stamped. Overall, the level of oversight this offers is unprecedented and virtually guarantees significant and near-immediate reduction in fraud and account abuse.

"Integrity only matters when you handle matters of integrity with poise. It's simple to stop fraud when you eliminate the opportunity for it. Our mission is simple: we want to eliminate risk associated with non-compliant or fraudulent documentation and reporting associated with customer engagements. Our objective is to provide real time, validated oversight into every event being conducted anytime, anywhere. To provide a better solution than traditional paper documentation, we designed this very cost effective and efficient solution to automate meeting monitoring and documentation," CEO and Founder Matthew Kavanaugh said.

Validu was created to be simple and easy, requiring no hardware, physical set-up or licensing fee. After downloading to a mobile device like a phone or tablet, users create events in the Validu application for each meeting or function they attend. Users then authenticate the attendees at such events using one of three validation options: a simple photograph of attendees taken through the application, a sign-in option via a print signature, and finally, can be taken through a biometric signature. Called a finger-print signature, this final measure is cutting edge technology, turning an index finger print into a key code that's matched to the original for authentication.

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Validu is compliance in motion, offering high-tech monitoring and compliance solutions for on-the-go business representatives. Validu's suite of services includes cutting-edge technology like biometric fingerprinting to ensure and verify accurate accounting compliance from anywhere in the world.

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