Tayloright Announces the Release of New Dental Marketing Platform

Tayloright LLC, has officially announced the release of a new dental marketing platform which will be released May 2018. This new platform will allow dentists across the United States to find the best SEO services for their company.

Tayloright has had such huge success with the online marketing game that they have also marketed over 30 other websites to the top ranking positions on Google. As a matter of fact, they have ranked over 2,000 keywords to the first page of Google. They have worked with clients throughout the United States and they are currently working in over 10 different industries.

Taylor Johnson, CEO of Tayloright has found that too many dentists have websites but not nearly enough marketing is being done for these websites. They are determined to completely change the SEO game for the dental industry. As a matter of fact, they have decided to launch a dental specific marketing website that is going to cater to dentists and dentists alone. With this service, dentists can now shop for SEO, website design, content management and more. On top of offering a total solution for dentists, they are also offering a 25 percent discount to the first dentists that take advantage of their new system. Dental offices can also decide if it's better to keep SEO in-house or to outsource to professionals, with the training that is available. Dentists can learn more by visiting http://www.dentalseo.company or by calling 435-275-6072.

The company has decided to offer a 1-month free marketing trial and even offer a no-contract policy of any kind. They have found that far too many dentists are being locked down into year-long contracts with very little SEO work even being done. After analyzing hundreds of dental websites and finding that the majority of them have less than 50 backlinks, and knowing that they have been charged thousands upon thousands of dollars for it, the new dental marketing platform is eager to change the game. Dentists are encouraged to check out the Moz list, to make sure that their website is listed on the most common dental directories. This is the first step towards success.

The company is confident that dentists will soon look towards the dental marketing services for full-service marketing solutions. No longer will dental offices worry about the SEO that is actually being performed. No longer will they get locked down into year-long contracts. From here on out the Tayloright company is determined to bring real-life solutions to real-life problems.

If your company needs a boost in online rankings then please contact the Tayloright company by visiting http://www.tayloright.com or filling out our free SEO audit form.

SOURCE Tayloright
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