Mandala, the New Frontier for Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Exchanges

The new frontier for cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges.

Innovative and open source, Bitcoin, blockchain and digital asset trading has captivated world audiences over the last decade. With a flourishing technology space, cultural phenomena, and entirely new trading and investment industry, ambition and entrepreneurship shines like no other time in our history. Though, it's not all picture perfect.

Obscurity, novelty and exuberance have created an environment labeled by many, the 'wild west', a casino. Opinions on where the outcome of this infant industry will leave it's adopters constantly clash. A call to action has been made by industry participants, developers, and lawmakers; it's time for reasonable regulation in the blockchain based digital asset industry.

Mandala introduces a fully compliant exchange and platform, resolute in their mission - a team of professionals ready to take cryptocurrency out of obscurity. As Co-Founder and CEO, Nate Flanders, put it, "We are the user base. The cryptocurrency learning curve is immense, not just the technology, but participating. We want to resolve this."

Mandala's suite of tools and resources enhance the individual experience of experts and novices. Traders and investors will access exchange tools that leverage technology through automated trading algorithms, a modular design and customizable interface, risk management tools and robust portfolio analytics.

"Customer experience is front of mind, in everything we do - make it safe, fair, fast - that's what inspired Nate and I to start Mandala," Anant Handa, Co-Founder and CSO, explained. It's not just an impressive tool-set that could help market participants. Mandala boasts, and rightfully so, an extremely powerful trading engine that can process up to three million transactions per second and is highly scalable.

Mandala also introduces a functional token, MDX, further improving the product offering. MDX tokens unlock additional tools, resources and discounted trading rates, up to a whopping, 80%. MDX holders can fully experience the Mandala social network and marketplace. "We want people to work with their peers, find a place to connect, buy and sell their strategies, learn from user rated experts," explains Nate.

A hardware wallet fitted for exchange integration is being actively planned and developed. Users can sign trades and execute orders through this advanced 3-factor-authentication device. Controlling your own private keys and executing trades through such a simple tool, it's certainly a product offering worth watching and a game changer in the making.

"Becoming fully compliant is integral to our mission, fostering adoption. I think it's our duty as leaders and developers in this space," Anant said. "Without regulation, if consumers aren't protected, adoption may never happen." Given the current environment of regulatory scrutiny, 'cracking down', this team might be history in the making. "We are focused on creating a platform that empowers novices, but can also cater to experts and seasoned institutional traders," Nate continued.

Mandala is taking proactive steps to become fully compliant and work with lawmakers with plans to acquire a Broker-Dealer (BD) license and register as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) with the SEC. MDX tokens are already available to international investors through a Reg S exemption and Mandala is filing for a Reg A+ offering in the U.S.

With their work cut out for them, focusing their efforts on being on the right side of the law may be a significant competitive advantage. To learn more about the MDX Token Sale or read more on Mandala check out their website:

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