Dublin Start-up Cloud With Me Joins Google Cloud Partner Program

Cloud With Me today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program in a move to simplify cloud adoption for small businesses. Established in one of Europe's leading tech hubs, Dublin-based startup Cloud With Me was founded in 2016. By collaborating with Google Cloud, Cloud With Me aims to make cloud hosting available to more small businesses, making it easier for them to get access to Google Cloud's security benefits and infrastructure services, without the need for a developer on staff.

Asaf Zamir (left) Co-founder & CTO and Gilad Somjen (right) Co-founder & CEO of Cloud With Me (PRNewsfoto/Cloud With Me)

"Our focus is to remove the barriers faced by small businesses, helping them to reach their potential. We're at an incredibly exciting stage. Becoming an official partner of Google Cloud has opened doors for us, and significantly widened our reach," said Gilad Somjen, CEO of Cloud With Me.

Cloud With Me attracted 50,000 customers in its first year of operation by eliminating downtime and running through hours of development with a pre-configured automation. While the customer sees a loading bar on their screen, behind the scenes an automation installs a complete server stack, with MySQL, FTP, and a variety of PHP-based addons. The automated installation also includes Nameserver management and a free SSL.

"We're confident that Cloud With Me will help to bring mass adoption of cloud services," said Asaf Zamir, CTO Cloud With Me.

"Bringing accessible and simple cloud solutions directly to small and medium enterprises helps them to focus on their core business objectives. The collaboration between Google Cloud and Cloud With Me allows SMEs to leave their infrastructure and website hosting to the experts while they build and grow their business," said Yuval Dvir, Head of International online partnerships at Google.

For more information visit http://www.cloudwith.me or contact Emma Morris, Business Development Manager of Cloud With Me at emma.m@cloudwith.me

SOURCE Cloud With Me

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