Ami Dror, CEO of LeapLearner, Named One of China's Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2018

Ed-tech company LeapLearner is proud to announce that the company's co-founder and CEO, Ami Dror, has been awarded China's prestigious Yicai Brilliant prize as one of 2018's top entrepreneurs in China.

This prize awards the most successful international entrepreneurs in their respective fields in China. Over the past several months, Yicai Media Group searched through an extensive list of impressive entrepreneurs in order to identify this year's awardees of the Yicai Brilliant prize. "As LeapLearner embarks on its next stage of significant growth, we are excited to be recognized, together with our founder Ami Dror, as one of China's leading coding education platforms," said co-founder Aaron Tian. Founded in 2016, the company's commercial activities began in September 2017following almost a full year of R&D.

The Yicai Brilliant prize is organized by Yicai Media Group, also known as China Business Network, the financial arm of Shanghai Media Group and China's largest financial content provider. Yicai Media's flagship products include CBN TV, China Business News daily and CBN Weekly magazine amongst others.

About LeapLearner

LeapLearner is an online, virtual-classroom-based education platform specializing in coding, science and technology. The company takes a cutting-edge approach to education and enables the cultivation of self-learning skills in order to truly prepare students for the dynamic, fast-paced world of tomorrow. The LeapLearner platform leverages the flexibility of online learning while maintaining a personalized, face-to-face experience using virtual classrooms. The company's uniquely designed annual curriculum leverages the "stickiness" of video games and game-like challenges to help students excel in coding and other related skills. LeapLearner utilizes a diverse range of content and options for both one-on-one and group lessons in order to personalize the learning experience and meet the needs of students across multiple grade levels and skill-sets.

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