Achain Launches Blockchain Hackathon for Students

Rising blockchain innovator Achain invites students from Bay Area high schools and universities to participate in the first Achain Hackathon. Students from San Francisco, Palo Alto, and San Jose may apply. With a prize pool that totals 150,000 ACT tokens, 100,000 tokens will be awarded to the university competition winners and 50,000 tokens to the high school competition winners.

"We want to inspire the local community to embrace the blockchain," says Marco A. Fernandez, Achain's North AmericaRepresentative. "Achain is committed to creating a more efficient process for blockchain developers of every level. This contest is a perfect testament to the ease of use of our platform. We are excited to see the creative ideas that emerge from these young students."

Achain aims to engage and inspire students through this contest by merging education, innovation, and technology. Achain hopes to encourage the local culture of Silicon Valley and, in the process, have some fun.

Contest Details
The contest is broken up into five categories: Blockchain Technology, Blockchain as a Business, Blockchain Economics, Gaming on the Blockchain, and Innovation through Blockchain.

The top ten teams from each category will be invited to a local venue where they will have the chance to pitch their project to an audience and a panel of judges. The panel will be comprised of the Achain team and local teachers.

Points will be awarded based on innovation and usability. The first place winners will receive full support from Achain to make their blockchain idea a reality.

High School Competition
The winning high school team will receive 25,000 ACT tokens + Achain support to make their project a reality. The top ten ideas will receive 2,500 ACT tokens each.

University Competition
The winning university team will receive 50,000 ACT tokens + Achain support to make their project a reality. The top ten ideas will receive 5,000 ACT tokens each.

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