When Doing Good, is Good Business

Restaurants are always looking for meaningful ways to engage with their guests and unsurprisingly, philanthropic causes and community-based initiatives linked to loyalty programs are fast becoming a popular way to increase brand loyalty while also providing a personally rewarding experience for customers. Incentivio, a leading customer experience platform for restaurants is helping restaurants do just that – making it easy to setup pay-it-forward loyalty programs, so customers can donate their reward points to philanthropic causes through the restaurant's branded app and on the web.

For example, Mad Radish (a multi-unit Canadian fast-casual salad concept created by DAVID's TEA co-founder David Segal) allows customers to donate to the Community Food Centers of Canada by simply ordering on the Mad Radish mobile app or website. "Our app customers get to feel great about every purchase they make, not only because they're enjoying fresh and healthy food, but because they are helping make nutritious food accessible to low- income families in their community," said David Segal. "This is one of the important ways that differentiate our brand and make us proud of what we do."

Similarly, Copper Branch, a 100 percent Plant-based chain donates a portion of all digital orders to the Rainforest Trust to help preserve rainforests in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. A real-time counter allows mobile app users to see how much land has been preserved with the click of a button. "Copper Branch is not only serving our customers power food meals they can trust and feel great about eating but also giving them a sense of planet- and community-based responsibility – a great meal and a good cause going hand-in-hand," said Andrew Infantino, Director of Marketing and Brand Management at Copper Branch.

Doing good, while doing good business is increasingly becoming an area of interest for many restaurant operators as they seek to bring a new sense of brand loyalty and engagement to their customers. Customers make a positive impact through restaurant-backed community causes, a win-win for both.

"We love empowering restaurants to do more with their loyalty programs and achieve greater success while helping their respective communities and the world at large," said Sash Dias, co-founder of Incentivio.

About Mad Radish
Mad Radish is a new fast-casual salad concept, created by DAVIDsTEA co-founder David Segal. Serving chef-driven salads, warm bowls and healthy snacks, we are bringing a new perspective to the salad category, emphasizing food that tastes as great as it makes you feel. "We are growing fast, with two locations in Ottawa, and others on the way soon."

About Copper Branch
The Food Revolution Starts Here! Copper Branch is the new 100 percent Plant-Based Quick-Serve restaurant chain serving the world energizing and wholesome foods as fast-food for a change. Copper Branch serves food you can feel great about eating. "We're getting back to basics and serving you healthy foods that wholly come from nature. We offer you real food energy, with the focus of promoting health and vitality, great taste, convenience, and responsibility. Our Mission: to Empower, Energize, and Make People Feel their Best. With 3 Core Values guiding our way: 1) To serve Chef-Inspired Flavors 2) To serve Power Foods that ultimately nourish the body and promote longevity of life 3) To demonstrate Responsibility and Care towards all people and our planet Enjoy delicious foods that fuel your day. Power Foods, served fresh, only at Copper Branch."

About Incentivio
Incentivio is the leading restaurant digital customer experience platform that operates across the web, mobile and in-store channels to help restaurants acquire new customers and drive visits & spending while increasing loyalty and engagement. Our customers' loyalty programs range from loyalty points to digital punch cards to making an impact by donating food and saving the rainforest.

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