IK Multimedia Presents iLoud Micro Monitor in White

IK Multimedia is offering a white colour option for its best-selling iLoud® Micro Monitor, the smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world. With an ultra- linear frequency response, best-in-class bass (down to 55Hz @ -3db), the smallest footprint and incredibly detailed sound, iLoud Micro Monitor is the ideal reference monitoring system for tight spaces, delivering high-end sound without the high-end price.

With iLoud Micro Monitor, musicians, producers, video editors and sound designers can critically listen to their music no matter what scenario they're in - a bedroom studio space, hotel room, tour bus, a larger studio needing a second set of monitors for nearfield monitoring, or just streaming music and listening at home.

iLoud Micro Monitor delivers detailed, clear and accurate audio in a compact, efficient and portable enclosure complemented by pleasing high frequencies, an "open" detailed midrange and a solid, controlled low end.

Additional features include:
DSP-controlled frequency response
Drivers powered by four ultra-efficient class D power amplifiers that push out a combined 50W RMS of power
A 3/4" silk dome tweeter, 3" custom performance woofer and a large flaring front-firing bass reflex port (per speaker)
On-board 56-bit digital signal processor (DSP) for a flat and linear speaker response
Three EQ switches (treble, bass and a DESKTOP toggle for free field/desktop setup)
Adjustable positioning and integrated threaded mic stand mounts (UNC 3/8"-16 thread)
RCA (cable included) and 1/8" wired connections and Bluetooth capabilities

Pricing and availability

iLoud Micro Monitor is available for $/€299.99 per pair* at the IK Multimedia online store and at select IK authorized dealers worldwide.

For travel and storage, the iLoud Micro Monitor Travel Bag is also available for $/€39.99*.

For more information, please visit www.iloudmm.com

For videos about how iLoud Micro Monitor provides ultra-accurate sound in small studio space, please visit www.iloudmm.com/video

Read what award-winning musicians, engineers and producers are saying about iLoud Micro Monitors: www.iloudmm.com/artists

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