How To File For An LLC Online

Limited Liability Companies, or LLC’s enjoy the protection of limited liability without the rigid corporate structure. While LLC’s do come with their own paperwork, the LLC forms are fairly easy to file. Here is what you need to know about LLC online filing.

How to Get LLC: Setting up your company will involve a few intricate steps as well as some paperwork. In more cases, you’ll need to file paperwork on both a federal and state level.

Choose a Brand Name: If you’ve decided that the LLC structure best suits your company, the next step is to choose a name. If your company already has a well-known brand name, you may decide to alter the name slightly by adding “LLC” to the title. If, however, you are starting out as an LLC, you will need to register and trademark a company name.

Create a Structure: Because LLC’s enjoy a loose business structure, many local and federal entities want to see a business plan. Your LLC plan should include a proposed structure of how your LLC will be managed.

Apply on a State Level: Many state forms require a separate LLC application. These forms will often require you to submit your LLC’s structural plan for approval. Make sure to check with your individual state about what should and should not be included in your application.

File Your Federal Forms Online: On a federal level, your LLC will need a Tax ID, or EIN number. The easiest way to apply for your federal Tax ID is to do so through a reliable online source. While applications that are mailed or faxed have a turn around time of several weeks, online applicants can receive their company’s ID within a few business days.

While filing for an LLC does take some paperwork, the process is easier than you think.

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