Electrolux Launches its First Open Innovation Factory

Electrolux today announced the creation of Electrolux Innovation Factory, an inspirational and collaborative space which will serve as the Group's hub for innovation with external partners. The initiative will accelerate innovation in manufacturing processes as well as product development by further developing Electrolux approach to open innovation.

Public calls for proposals and partners as well as specific project briefs will be regularly announced on the Electrolux Innovation Factory website: www.innovationfactory.digital. The first call will be made in May.

"This collaborative space will drive open innovation and generate a multitude of great ideas that will lead to new value for our consumers," said Jan Brockmann, Electrolux Chief Operations Officer. "We're truly excited about how this will help us combine the global scale of Electrolux with the agility of our partners."

Located in a refurbished building within Electrolux manufacturing site in Porcia, northern Italy, the Electrolux Innovation Factory will provide an agile, open environment. Solutions can be tested instantly at production lines and R&D centers next door. This will, in turn, speed up the pace of innovation and execution.

Through collaboration, the Electrolux Innovation Factory will facilitate alliances between suppliers, customers, incubators, startups, universities, SMEs, and other business partners. It will be a "shared" lab where people can work together in open space to innovate.

The facility will include demonstration and test areas for both product and process solutions For example, a "Fab Lab" (Fabrication Lab) will explore 3D printing and other advanced systems such as testing collaborative robot (COBOTS) integration and innovative wearable technologies for operators in Electrolux factories.

The Electrolux Innovation Factory in Porcia will be used as a starting testbed, which can be replicated by setting up similar collaborative spaces at other locations around the world. The aim is to build a lively co-working space where everyone can learn from each other regardless of experience and expertise level.

Key Dates
Here are some important dates to keep in mind with regards to the launch of Electrolux Innovation Factory:
May 7 – June 15 - Public call for innovative solutions #Call4Innovation
July 13 – Screening of applicants to create shortlist
September 5 – Shortlisted candidates invited to pitch their solutions during "Innovation Day" which is also official opening day of Electrolux Innovation Factory.
Mid-September – Winners will be accelerated into Electrolux Innovation Factory.

Would you like to join the Electrolux Innovation Factory? Learn how at www.innovationfactory.digital

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