How to install Android P right now

Google releases Android P preview with support for iPhone X-style notch, updates to Quick Settings and notifications, and more 

To get started with a Pixel device, download a system image and flash it to your device. Then read theProgram Overview for timelines and the migration guide for steps to compatibility and building for P.

Use the links and instructions below to update your supported device to the latest milestone build.

Caution: Developer Preview 1 is for app developers only and not intended for daily or consumer use. See the release notes before installing it on your device. Enrolling in updates using the Android Beta Program is not supported in Developer Preview 1

How to get Android P Developer Preview

You can get an Android P system image for development and testing in these ways:
  • Download a Developer Preview system image and flash the device.
  • Set up an Android Emulator in Android Studio.

Flashing your device manually

You can download the latest Developer Preview system image and manually flash it to your device. See the table below to download the system image for your test device. Manually flashing a device is useful if you need precise control over the test environment or need to reinstall frequently, such as for automated testing.
Caution: Installing a system image on a device removes all data from the device, so you should back up your data first.
After you back up your device data and download the system image below that matches your device, follow the flashing instructions to flash the image onto your device.
Manually flashed system images do not automatically receive OTA updates to later Developer Preview milestone builds or the final, production version. Make sure to keep your environment up-to-date and flash a new system image at each Developer Preview milestone.

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Pixel 2

Pixel 2 XL

Uninstalling the Preview from a device

For a device that you've flashed manually, obtain a factory spec system image from the Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices page and then manually flash it to the device.

Warning: Uninstalling a Developer Preview system image prior to the end of the program requires a full device reset and removes all user data on the device.

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