HIMSS 2018: CAPTUREPROOF Smart Medical Camera and Viewer Now Available

HIMSS 2018: CAPTUREPROOF Smart Medical Camera and Viewer Now Available for Plug and Play Integration with EHRs and Other Patient Empowerment Platforms

CAPTUREPROOF today announced that its Computer Vision for color, texture and movement trend tracking through its Smart Medical Camera™ and Viewer is now available for plug and play integration with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) or other patient platform. CAPTUREPROOF is a HIPAA-secure visual health record that manages photos and videos and seamlessly improves care delivery across the whole hospital by facilitating medical photos and videos to be captured, compared and shared to enable provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient visual communication.

CAPTUREPROOF makes media files meaningful through consistent capture and organization to track longitudinal progress. CAPTUREPROOF is a templated system that is flexible for any protocol to be assigned to a patient with any number of photos, videos and surveys to a patient in the office or at home.

Hospitals and providers can now benefit from the ability to fully embed the CAPTUREPROOF Smart Medical Camera™ framework and the Viewer's JavaScript widgets into any existing mobile application or EHR to deliver simple and secure management of photos and videos. The CAPTUREPROOF turnkey solution on its own is still available to be used to launch initial pilots or exist alongside the EHR with single sign on. This capability enables providers to instantly launch a HIPAA-compliant photo and video communications system to their patients in order to create a complete visual health record.

The CAPTUREPROOF Smart Medical Camera™ app uses advanced computer vision technology within the live camera to give instant feedback on the quality of light in the photo or video in order to generate medical grade images. A Media Rx™ gives text instruction in the active camera and alignment with past images for accurate capture. The CAPTUREPROOF Viewer automatically organizes media, to make it easy to find with respect to patient progress, allowing the provider to see and know changes that the patient has experienced. CAPTUREPROOF Computer Vision is employed within a specific protocol and gives objective measurements to track the patient's progress.

"The most limited resource we have in medicine is the amount of time providers can give care. They don't have time to read the entire EHR for all patients. But providers do have time to make three clicks and see photos or videos compared to show the patient's health progress," said Meghan Conroy, CEO and founder of CAPTUREPROOF. "CAPTUREPROOFworks hard to remove the robotics from medicine, allowing the provider to do what they do best, practicing the art of medicine at the top of their license."

90% of patients on CAPTUREPROOF say that the platform has helped them better manage their health. Additionally, by complying with both HIPAA and Privacy Shield standards (and soon to be GDPR-compliant), patients, providers and health systems can be confident in the security and privacy of their medical photos and videos.

CAPTUREPROOF is ideal for applications of acute and longitudinal care such as incision sites and wounds, skin conditions, surgery follow up, neuromuscular movement disorders, and more accurate triage of patients before their first visit.

The company will be on site at the HIMSS 2018 Conference March 5-9th to demo its Smart Medical Camera™ and Viewer. Visit booth #6041 or http://captureproof.com for more information.

During the conference, come take a swing at the Kill the Fax piñata CAPTUREPROOF will be featuring in its booth. Kill the Fax will take place on March 6 and 7 at 5:00 pm PST and March 8 at 3:00 pm PST.


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