How To Build A Gaming Den

Are you an avid gamer? It is the dream of most of us that one day we will have a room in the house dedicated to creating the best gaming experience possible, and you can do this too by following some simply steps.

How to start

The first thing you will need to decide when looking to add a games room into your home is which room of the house it will go in. You could use a spare room, and unused dining room or even a corner of the living room if you are allowed to. However, if there aren’t any suitable places within the home which you can use, you could buy some steel from Armstrongsteel and build gaming shed at the bottom of the garden instead.

Paint and Decorate

Once you have got your room sorted out or built, you can start thinking about how you want to decorate the room. Depending on what type of gaming you plan on doing, you may want more than one gaming station and monitor in the room. If you plan on being able to go online gaming with friends, you may need a console and monitor for each person.

This will mean you may need to add in extra power outlets and plug sockets for the room, so her in mind how many things you will need to plug in. Once you have got the electrics fitted you can start looking at how to decorate the room. A popular way to do this is painting the walls a bold colour such as blue or red, and then hanging up artwork from various games and movies. You can turn this into a bonafide man cave and let your inner child loose.

Light it up!

Once the walls are decorated and you have the electrics in, you can start looking at lighting up the space. To create the ideal gaming atmosphere you will want to look into buying LED tube lighting and also LED UV back lights for that blue and purple feel to the room. The purpose of UV light is to make you feel relaxed which is why this is the ideal type of lighting to use in the room.

Setting it up

Once your room is decorated it is time to add in your consoles, monitors and furniture. First of all you will want to create a central hub which will hold all of the equipment neatly. You will want a cabinet which has a hole in the back to hide all of your cables and keep them from tangling up, and the you can display everything on the top of the cabinet. Add a mini fridge for yourself so you always have snacks and drinks handy when you are playing! Make sure that your chair is far enough away from the monitors so that you don’t get a headache, and also make sure it is a comfortable and supportive chair for your back. You can now sit down and enjoy gaming the way you’ve always wanted to!

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