CheersYou Uses Technological Innovations to Increase Admittance of Chinese Students to Elite North American Institutions

CheersYou International Consulting is breaking the traditional oversea study markets which have for long been dominated by inefficient traditional agencies making the college application process tedious. Last year, a research has shown that of the 1.07 million applicants to U.S. colleges and universities, only 25% received an offer to a Top 50 School. There was an interesting phenomenon in the North American "study abroad" market: a large number of Chinese students – 39% – applied to elite institutions using high-tech materials, such as video essays and personal websites – unique approaches that increased their chance of admission. We are witnessing a new era of relying on technology for overseas study applications.

CheersYou has become a leader in this innovative era as the first major admissions support company using science and technology to support applications to elite North American educational institutions. In the past year CheersYou successfully helped 847 Chinese students gain admission to their dream school; 95% of students were accepted to Top 40 Universities, and 92% of CheersYou clients would recommend the service to their friends.

With a refined private application system comprised of diverse academic help tools, CheersYou is an alternative, world-class innovation, to mediocre and unsatisfactory services offered by traditional agents. CheersYou has a highly customized ERP, with a well-designed web platform that exceeds the efficiency of peer applications. Statistically, CheersYou can save students 20% of the time spent on the same type of application with other companies, which allows them to focus more on improving their academic background and working towards their goals.

The innovative approach of CheersYou was born from founder Kenny Low's vision. 3 years ago, Kenny, after interacting with other Chinese students in a diverse range of major professions, found that personal characteristics of Chinese students often get lost in the application process. As a result, many students are passed over for admission into elite schools. Kenny shared his frustration with a student working in the admissions' office of his school, Tony, who shared his concern. In response, the pair worked together and formed CheersYou Consulting, Inc., to provide professional and creative consulting services to talented Chinese students.

CheersYou's headquarters is located in New York City and they have just launched second office in Tianjin, China. CheersYou have a broad network of over 100+ mentors across North America and China. All mentors are from top universities, so students can get first-hand resources and additional support by strengthening and extending the cooperation with institutions that are guaranteed to provide quality services for Chinese students in America.

To help the students with the application process, CheersYou has launched a comprehensive and friendly website. The website not only provides the students with useful information during the application process but also gives a step by step guidance on how to go about it. The whole application process has been made easy with online services such as Essay edition, half DIY application, Full set application, Undergraduate admission counseling, Video essay and Mock interviews fully enhanced.

The reason why CheersYou is loved and supported by many students in the short term is because it greatly differs from the traditional agency and it facilitates more time-consuming applicants. Students can receive a professional resume by one click on the CheersYou official website after filling their basic information, greatly reducing the preparation time.

According to traditional agencies' methods, only the mentor knows the entire application process, students and parents have no way to follow up the application status. CheersYou creates full transparency of the application process. Any changes and recent developments will be sent to students via WeChat and e-mail immediately, making parents and students feel more at ease and relieved.

By 2017, CheersYou implemented a broad range of overseas-study services on an international basis. The company's success begged the question of next steps toward their commitment to making an impact. The journey will continue with exciting new projects, CheersYou plan to expand from educational consultancy and planning to the promotion of mutual understanding and cultural exchange between China and the United States. In the future, CheersYou will also help U.S. students study in China.

SOURCE CheersYou International Consulting, LLC
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