Channel Assist Tightens Control of Mobile Asset Base with RAM's Asset Tracking Software

Channel Assist has selected Real Asset Management's (RAM) asset management and tracking software to monitor and track its 500+ mobile assets and increase the overall accountability of the base. The new system will replace its current process in order to enable greater tracking efficiencies and improve asset utilisation whilst reducing costs.

Channel Assist is a sales and marketing agency with a proven track record of maximising product sales, both in-store and online, for some of the leading technology and consumer electronics brands in the UK. The company employs more than 150 staff and offers a comprehensive package of business analysis, merchandising, training, compliance reporting and account management across all sales channels.

Channel Assist will use RAM's asset tracking solution to record and monitor its mobile equipment consisting largely of tablets, laptops, mobile phones, consumer electronic devices and AV equipment. Alain Brissimitzakis, Commercial Director at Channel Assist comments, "We had reached a stage where using spreadsheets to keep track of so many assets out in the field had become unsustainable. We required a solution which would allow us to accurately manage and assign assets to employees and customers ensuring visibility of who has what and that no items get misplaced, and RAM's software provided exactly that."

Choosing to deploy a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to optimise efficiency and flexibility, Channel Assist will utilise the centralised database to record crucial information such as issue and return dates, ownership, scan code, title and location. Brissimitzakis continues, "We will be using the mobile app to issue and return assets and, in particular, use the functionality to ensure more effective asset reallocation and minimise unnecessary purchases, whilst also monitoring changes in asset condition, which can be updated each time it is loaned or returned. In addition, the ability to record a signature on issue and return of an item is an added benefit which further strengthens the accountability of our mobile asset base."

The issue function in the software will allow the assignment of an asset and complete management of its timely return. Each time an issue transaction is processed, an audit record is created in the system providing full visibility of the asset's use. "Having this facility," adds Brissimitzakis, "will ensure far more transparency than what we could achieve with spreadsheets and most importantly, will save valuable time previously spent tracking down misplaced items."

The reporting capabilities within RAM's asset management and tracking software were also a key factor in the company's decision to purchase. The utilisation reports will assist to identify any unused equipment or equipment that is in short supply, whilst the use of active email workflows will enable the automatic chasing of overdue or un-returned assets, reducing the time spent awaiting their return.

Brissimitzakis concludes, "I am very impressed thus far with the level of expertise and professionalism demonstrated by both the sales and implementation functions at RAM. It has been especially useful and reassuring to work with industry experts to share best practice and receive comprehensive training to ensure we maximise the use of the system and ultimately, our investment."

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