Amazon opens up virtual Dash Buttons for other connected devices

Amazon announces the Virtual Dash Button Service, a developer kit that lets third parties create virtual Dash buttons for their own devices

Amazon today welcomes several new device makers joining the Dash Replenishment program to develop smart products to automatically reorder consumables when supply runs low. Device makers include HP, Kenmore, 3M’s Filtrete brand, Epson, and Blustream. Additionally, devices from illy and Petcube are now available for customers to purchase.

Dash Replenishment enables smart, connected devices to measure supply consumption through a variety of inputs, including infrared, pressure flow, weight, and other sensor arrays. The measurement then signals an automatic reorder of supplies before they run out. For example, a Dash Replenishment-enabled washing machine can automatically reorder detergent or a smart printer can automatically reorder ink.

In addition, Amazon announced the Virtual Dash Button Service (VDBS), an SDK that allows third parties to offer virtual Dash Buttons on their screened devices. Virtual Dash Buttons are shortcuts that allow Prime members to quickly find and reorder their favorite products from a selection of millions of eligible products. Virtual Dash Buttons launched on Amazon’s mobile application and website in January 2017, expanded to Echo Show in October, and now can be available on third party devices via VDBS

“We’ve all felt the frustration of realizing we’re out of something we frequently use, so it’s no surprise customers are loving the convenience of Dash Replenishment, which makes shopping for everyday consumables completely disappear,” said Daniel Rausch, Vice President of Smart Home, Amazon. “Dash Replenishment takes advantage of smart, connected products, enabling a device to track supply usage so a customer never runs out of what they need.”

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