5 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Our smartphones have actually become a very interesting part of our lives. This is not just because of the basic functions they perform, but because of the numerous smart functions we enjoy from them. However, with the continued advance in technology, there are many new gadgets that are developed every other day, and they can help us savor more smartness from these smartphones.

In the past, the smartphones used offer the basic function of calls and messaging, coupled with simple access to the web and internet. But nowadays, we can now control almost everything around us with these phones. People can now perform some functions in their cars, houses, doors, home theater sets, and many other properties through the smartphones. Here, we are looking into the gadgets that make these functions possible with our smartphones. So, the most impressive of these gadgets are explained below.


One of the newest high technology gadgets that can enhance whatever you enjoy from your smartphones is this. This gadget is actually as smart as smart can get. Have you experienced the level of discomfort that comes with your keys disappearing when you need them most? If you have, you can now save yourself that stress with this gadget. This is a Bluetooth device, and it works on iPod and iPhones. It has a way of assisting you to locate your key when you misplace it. The setup is a very easy one. Just use the gadget as your key-holder by tying it to your key. Then, whenever you can’t find your key, press the find button on your iPhone, and the device will light up. It will also go ahead to emit a sound that is loud enough to alert you and indicate where it is located.


This is the best security gadget at present. With the Lockitron smartphone enabled device, the old ways of securing your home will give way to something entirely new. It is also among the most important new gadgets for smartphones. With lockitron, you can lock and unlock your door with a single touch of the smartphone. Again, when someone knocks at the door, the gadget notifies you on your phone. It also has a function that allows you to set it in a way that your door will open whenever you get close to the door. So, this takes care of the troubles with the physical keys.


This is among the best in the list of the latest gadgets that people can take advantage of in the office. With your smartphone, you can scan some QR codes. However, when you need the office sized huge scanning needs; it has to be the portable Scanbox gadget. When you get this gadget, you will use it to make your camera stable, so that you can perform bulk scanning without any qualms. The gadget is equipped with LEDs, and they light from down to up. With this, the best quality of light is given out for the best possible scanning output. This is a must have in the mini office. With this, you can scan your activities in the no deposit online casino for record purposes.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker gadget is one that many people may have heard about. While it has become rampant, the gadget is still very useful in many angles. With this, you can connect to your phone wirelessly, and enjoy the maximum sound effects that you have been longing for. It is a gadget that will allow you to enjoy maximum sound when you play bgo games. With this, the home theater system will soon be out of date.

NFC Smart Rings

This gadget seems like a second phone, only that it is very cheap. Get the NFC Smart Rings, and you will have the chance to communicate to your phone with them. With these gadgets, you will be able to share links with your phone, play music, and even block and get apps.

These mobile gadgets give us the chance to maximize what we gain from the smartphones, so they are all recommended. Choose according to the functions you need and crave at the moment, and enjoy the world of hi-tech.

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