Periscope Announces Increased Broadcaster Payouts via Super Hearts Program

Periscope says it will waive its 30% cut from the sales of Super Hearts in streams, giving all earnings to creators minus a $1 admin fee per payout

Since launching Super Hearts earlier this year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the love people have shared on Periscope. Our goal is to support our community and give back to broadcasters as much as possible. Starting today and moving forward, Periscope will give all of our earnings from the Super Broadcasters Program — with the exception of a $1 administration fee per broadcaster payout — to those in the program. The amount we keep is used to continue operating the Super Hearts feature and to cover the cost of monthly payment processing.
Additionally, during the months of November and December, we’re offering a holiday bonus! If you earn one million or more stars per month, you’ll be eligible to receive a $100 bonus. If you earn three million or more stars per month, you’ll be eligible for an additional $250 bonus ($350 total). Bonuses will be based on monthly earnings for November and December 2017 — not your pre-existing star balance. If you meet the minimum star balance each month, you can earn the bonus for both months.

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