Facebook rolling out in-app purchases & ads to Instant Games in Messenger

Facebook begins letting developers monetize Messenger's Instant Games with in-app purchases and video ads  

During this testing phase, Instant Games will use demand from Audience Network to deliver ads in-game and players can expect to see ads during gameplay sessions in titles such as Blackstorm’s Everwing and FRVR’s Basketball FRVR.
Rolling out initially with a small set of games allows us to test and learn the best ways for developers to integrate ads so they enhance the gaming experience while offering a path to monetization. Based on the results from these initial tests, we’ll begin to enable interstitial and rewarded video ads with additional developers over the coming weeks, as well as further optimize the ad platform. We will also unlock more developer tools for measurement and ad optimization. Opening these capabilities will eventually allow developers to generate revenue from their titles and invest more in further development.

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