5 Tips to Use Twitter Effectively For Career Search

Twitter is one of the best medium to express your views and also to use it for career search. Twitter is visited by millions of people daily and now it is up to you how you can discover it. It is my suggestion to give some time to understand Twitter features and then do what you want. There is another tip that tries to track when people tweet more. I mean there will be a certain time when you find people tweeting in a quick way. Here we will discuss some more twitter features or tips to explore it for an effective and result oriented career search, like essay writer or blogger.

1. Twitter – Use ‘Hashtags’ to refine your Career search

‘Hashtags’ are your keywords, pages or categories names used before your tweet. For instance when I use the keyword ‘career’ in my tweet with hashtag like #career, then it is converted into a link in twitter. It is easy to search an increase your visibility in twitter community. Therefore, always try to use ‘Hashtags’ with your tweets. It makes easier for your tweets to be found by search. It’s also a good way to refine your career search.

2. Twitter - Promote Others

Twitter is the hub of various communities. If you want to succeed, try to pin point your niche related community and help them to promote themselves too. It is a give and take matter and you will find its positive effect. Job hunting or making a career search as a community can have much bigger impact than trying individually.

3. Twitbacks - Create Twitter Backgrounds & Twitter Headers

Twitbacks is a good place to customize your Twitter background and Twitter headers. Create a good template and make sure it somehow shows that you are looking for jobs.

4. Twitter - Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs is a good service on Twitter, where you can find good and your niche related jobs offered by many people and companies on daily basis. It is a great platform on twitter to explore career. Use the given link https://twitter.com/microjobs and use their service to grow your network.

5. Tweet My Jobs - Great Job Matches

Tweet My Jobs is a revolutionary new career or job search and recruitment tool. This will match you with appropriate career or job openings and help you to find careers or jobs faster than usual methods. So join the latest tendency in career or job searching and recruiting. Use Tweet My Jobs and join Tweet My Jobs to find your ideal career or job in no time and also to receive new job openings when they are available.

There are so many ways to use twitter for career hunting, career building and for business promotion. We will continue this series of articles on Twitter to make your career search easy and effective.

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